Those who burn schools must receive life sentences

Dear Editor,
The verdict is out: our schools are deliberately being set on fire; these arsonists are targeting a very vital sector of our country’s development. That is, they are stifling the education of our future generation.
While I am of the firm belief that these acts have been carried out by adult perpetrators, there is evidence to suggest there are youthful operatives who are being manipulated by their political bosses. I say this from evidence gathered at the Christ Church Secondary School burning. Scientific evidence shows that that fire was started at various points of the building, one of which was done on a prior occasion in the laboratory of the said building.
The question is: Who else could have started that fire? You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that answer. So, I am again asking that the authorities keep a close eye on some of our misguided youths; they can be “useful” tools in the hands of those evil forces in our midst. There should be the close monitoring and investigation of the movement and association of persons, adult as well as children, in our schools. And that can be successfully done by CCTV placed at strategic points.
I am deeply concerned when persons can so wantonly destroy public property under some foolish political notion. You cannot tell me that you are going to burn down public property, deny hundreds of children a decent education, and think it is cool. I am saying the actions of such persons must be met with the harshest of punishments.
First, it would cost an awfully great sum to relocate those affected students. Millions have to be expended to have these students properly housed in an environment where learning can take place. And millions more have to be spent on rebuilding these structures. The point is that Government cannot allow such nonsensical behaviour to continue; it is high time that we bring this foolishness to an end.
Persons who are anti-development, robbing our children, our future, of a sound education, must be found and dealt with. They must be put away for a very long time. Arsonists, whether students or adults, are political saboteurs of the worst order, and must be dealt with swiftly and condignly. We have to separate such persons from among us.

Neil Adams