Should we be concerned?

Dear Editor,
One cannot express the anger I felt when I looked at the latest video of two men choking and robbing another male on the pavement. The brutal force that was used on the man was evident by his being left lying helpless on the ground and going into what I consider a seizure before getting back on his feet. It just shows that these hooligans have no consideration for anyone’s health as they embark on their daily nefarious activities. This is the second video surfacing within weeks of people being choked and robbed, and swift action by the authorities resulted in the culprit in the first video being tracked down to his residence on the West Bank of Demerara, and being arrested. I anxiously wait to hear similar news of the other two despicable filth being cleansed from society.
Editor, watching the video, you could see two other persons scrambling for cover as the scene unfolded, and I’m presuming that they are vendors, based on the video. Now, over the years, I’ve been writing about the lawlessness these vendors are being allowed with, and no one seems to care. As it stands today, the vendors are being allowed to crowd both sides of the pavement and overhead with the stuff they sell, thus there’s hardly any place for commuters to traverse peacefully.
In addition, most places become like a bottleneck, blocking vision from any direction. In another word, a dark hole you are walking through, which makes it extremely easy for anyone to be robbed, unknown to anyone around. Can you imagine a place where you’re supposed to walk freely, but you have to walk in fear?
Apart from that, the various items are displayed in such an atrocious manner that if you’re not cautious of how you’re walking, you get in contact with any item, which could bring about a problem between you and the vendors. These vendors are at the same spot selling every day, so it’s impossible to look for help from them, because many of them are also scared for their own safety, and would not offer assistance.
If you are scared to venture through these ‘dark holes’, the other option is to walk on the road, putting your life at risk of being hit by motorists, and causing additional traffic congestion.
In closing, Editor, over the years, realising that everyone has to survive somehow, the vendors have been given a free rein to ply their trade; and because of the political bickering, they’ve evolved into an eyesore with no solution. These people have been entrusted with the responsibility to ensure a system is put in place so that everyone could live and conduct their daily lives in a peaceful manner; instead, they are enjoying the peaceful life, and forcing us to live with enmity with one another, and with fear. Our tax dollars ensure they are able to live luxurious lives by providing them with heavy protection, and foolish followers, whenever they are walking around, smile, wave, and pose for pictures to boost their image, whilst turning a blind eye to all the shenanigans happening around, or supporting them.
The other amazing thing is that only around the festive season do the City Police and Guyana Police Force announce heavy presence around areas prone to crime. I guess that’s the only time when criminals surface; or, my other guess is, we only have festive Police.’

Sahadeo Bates