Let’s pray for a healing and reconciliation process during Christmas

Dear Editor,
There is no doubt musicians have contributed a healthy number of songs related to every season and Christmas is of course included. A certain category of songs is not limited to a certain period only.
These songs, particularly for this season of the year, Christmas, are timeless; not limited for a moment in history, but will forever be.
Shakespeare summed up, after he may have listened to some of these by saying, “If music is the food of love, play on.” And songs of Christmas will continue to play on because it is in fact a season of love.
If I’m not mistaken, the songs have a unifying effect on the national community as a whole, be it city, town, district or village. At least for a moment in history, it is always good to see families, friends, loved ones, colleagues in whatever profession, even bitter enemies, use this season to mend broken relationships, to build new bridges. This, it is said, can have a cascading effect so our nation can cross the rivers of disappointments, doubts and differences, which I know everyone is praying for.
Yes, the spirit of Christmas is not about what one can buy to wear, or eat, or drink for one season only; it is about the love that marks the occasion that can bring lasting peace for the good of all, for all times, unto all generations.
While Shakespeare declared that music is the food of love, I think he essentially meant the kind of music that must be in our hearts for us to commit ourselves, individually, too.
That is, to foster love, unity and peace around us. Should we play the wrong type of music, ie, adopting the wrong attitudes towards others, thereby creating suspicion in our fellow human beings, it will be entirely against the spirit of Christmas.
When we as a nation celebrate Christmas this year in whatever way it is done, let us pray for our entire Guyanese nation, let us pray for a healing and reconciliation process, for love to be achieved. Let’s pray for the leaders of our country so our country can go, glow and grow.
Let us proclaim it from the mountain tops: He has come to bring “peace on earth, goodwill to all men.”
A merry Christmas to all.

Joseph C Atkinson