Liliendaal man killed in hit-and-run accident

Police are investigating the death of an elderly man, who was killed on Friday in a hit-and-run accident on the Railway Embankment at Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown.

Dead: Frederick Blue

Dead is 62-year-old Frederick Blue of Lot 30 Second Street, Liliendaal.
Investigations revealed that the accident occurred at about 19:15h while Blue was riding a bicycle. He was struck by a so-far unknown motor vehicle that was proceeding in the western direction. The car drove away after hitting the pedal cyclist, who fell onto the parapet of the road.
Blue received injuries to his head and body. He was picked up in an unconscious state and transported to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).
The 62-year-old man was then examined and admitted a patient in the critical bay, suffering from head injuries. However, he died in the wee hours of Saturday morning.
When Guyana Times visited his home, his niece, Subrina Blue, explained that the elderly man was on his way to the neighbouring community of Bel Air, where a family member had died. Less than an hour after, someone informed them that he was involved in an accident.
“The last time he was here was about 06:30h. He talk to we and left because it had a next family in Bel Air that died and he was going here. Like after 07:00h, we get the call that he get knock down. They say is a hit-and-run cause they don’t know is who. Nobody didn’t see,” she relayed.
The woman said her mother rushed over to the scene of the accident but the body was already picked up by an ambulance. As such, they made their way over to the hospital but were told to wait outside.
After hours of waiting, Subrina said there was some misunderstanding. Doctors were waiting for relatives to pay for a CT scan but they were unaware that the man’s family was already outside. After this issue was resolved, the tests and scans were conducted on the injured man, but it was too late. At about 03:25h on Saturday morning, Frederick succumbed to his injuries.
“They had his sister waiting. She couldn’t go in to see and find out what going on. We hustle and carry down the money for the CT scan. After 11, that’s when the doctor said that he don’t know the family outside. He was asking why they didn’t let him know and he could’ve start. We were outside all the time. Remember he was the same way with no medications so that’s when he give up.”
The woman said her uncle had a condition which prevented him from having a stable job but he did odd jobs around the community while being supported by family. She described him as a loving person.
“He don’t work because he has a condition. Since he small, he got this hip problem. He never work and his mom used to take care of him. After she died, we does give whatever little and in between, he would get one or two work in the village to keep himself going. He was very loving to his family. It’s hard to hear that he got knock down,” the niece expressed. (G12)