Linden to host investors forum next month

Linden Mayor Carwyn Holland, along with the newly-formed Linden Youth Leaders, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), will be hosting an investment forum at the Egbert Benjamin Centre at Mackenzie, Linden on November 18 and 19.

Mayor Holland, who maintained that empowered youths were the best advocates to advance their own success, recently formed the Linden Youth Leaders (LYL), a dynamic group comprising some of the community’s zealous young people.

The group is expected to undertake several projects to promote social and economic development in Linden under the helm of the Linden Mayor. The investment forum is among the first activities on its agenda.

Mayor Holland opined that “for the people and town of Linden, investment is an essential ingredient in advancing the all-inclusive development we envision”. He was keen to point out the many opportunities for investment in Linden, boasting that there were a myriad of sectors yet to be explored in the town.

He said, “We in Linden boast an energetic and hardworking workforce, whose dedication and integrity is an asset to any enterprise. Investors coming to Linden can confidently invest knowing that the talent and expertise necessary for every sector can be found in Linden. However, after years of stymied progress and the negative stereotypes perpetuated about Linden, our new development trajectory must overcome this challenge.”

He pointed out that Linden was the ideal place for investment in many fields, including commerce and banking, agriculture and agro-processing, aqua farming and processing, livestock and poultry farming, hospitality and eco-tourism, fashion, technology, recycling, and, of course, mining and the product development of mineral wealth.

The forum seeks to invite investors, both local and foreign, to consider Linden for the establishment of business enterprises, and to showcase the opportunities and amenities available for investors. The Mayor is encouraging prospective investors to contact the Linden Youth Leaders on phone number 650- 8205 or the Linden Mayor and Town Council (LM&TC) on 444-6373 for additional details.