Literacy, numeracy classes for 100 students – Benab Foundation

The Benab Foundation, a volunteer group of young people that aims to ultimately improve the lives of Guyanese, is targeting 100 students this summer to improve their literacy and numeracy skills.

Assisting students
Assisting students

In the months of July and August, the group will be hosting its annual summer programme that will be focusing on the core subjects in schools. The group has formed a special project called the Cognitive Initiative to deal specifically with the classes to better serve the participants.
The Cognitive Initiative is a non-profit programme designed to offer struggling students remedial tutoring during the August vacation.
According to the group, “The areas of focus will be Mathematics and English A, as statistical research shows that Guyanese students have poorly performed in these disciplines at CSEC [the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate Examinations], despite them being core subjects.”
The group noted that its initiative is to improve reading and writing skills, as well as enhance the thinking and reasoning capabilities, of 100 students from junior secondary schools. Candidates selected will be transitioning from second to third form.
Students will be required to attend classes for three days per week, four hours each day. The group will also be offering snacks to the students.
“Twenty-five volunteers will be involved in the tutoring programme, all of whom are currently undertaking advanced studies or have

The Benab Foundation volunteers
The Benab Foundation volunteers

completed these studies. The high volunteer to student ratio will allow for more tailored learning based on each student’s weaknesses, as identified in the initial test,” the group added.
To date, the Initiative has reached over 200 students from New Campbellville Secondary, Dolphin Secondary, Tutorial High School, St John’s College, St Winifried’s Secondary and St George’s High School among others.
The Benab Foundation comprises mostly students, often still in high school (at the A-level) or continuing study at the University of Guyana, and thus cannot afford the transportation and lunch costs associated with the Initiative independently. The group was formed in the year 2012 whereby a small group of young people met to discuss the birth of an organisation that aims to ultimately improve the lives of Guyanese, particularly the nation’s youth. Its main objective is to assist in the development of Guyana and themselves.