Living a delusion

Dear Editor,
The APNU/AFC are of the ludicrous belief that with the instalment of the Biden Administration, there will be an ouster of the PPP/C Government from office. It is a widely circulated nonsense that has gripped the Opposition forces by storm that they are literally praying for that day to come when they will be put back into office.
This latest fantasy of theirs took hold of them after they would have realised that their attempt at regaining power through the rigging route shamefully failed, even though there is a pending election petition. However, fictitious imagery still exists that somehow, somewhere, things can work out for them.
Now, that being said, there are few questions I would like to ask before that dream world of theirs dissipates. In the first place, if America is to barely consider their request then it logically means that they would have to overturn all election results and endorse rigging as a solution to the electoral process. It means that the number of votes cast in favour of the winner – in this case Biden – would have to be thrown out and victory be ascribed to Trump, exactly the theory the PNC has embarked on here in Guyana. Granger, like his compatriot Trump, is living in a delusional dream that he has won the election when clearly, he has lost. So, in that dream world, he is looking every which way where he can eke out a win for himself. Sorry, but that is not going to happen!
Trump was even more dramatic about it, that he demanded of the Georgia Governor to find 11,400 votes so that he could rig his way through. When that didn’t work, he violently stormed Capitol Hill. The situation in Guyana was a carbon copy of Trump’s insanity, where Mingo began his assault on the figures followed by Lowenfield, if this is not living in a delusional world of rigging then tell me what is? This is the PNC’s logic that has energised them up until now and a strategy they want us to accept.
So, if America is to buy into that foolishness it means that the entire democratic process as it pertains to elections have to be done away with and rigging would become the order of the day. The USA would be shooting itself in the foot if that rigging nonsense succeeds. I am saying that is not going to happen, so it is useless toying around with the idea.

Neil Adams