Trump and Granger have become the world’s greatest laughing stocks

Dear Editor,
Irresponsible enablers let “Trump be Trump” and as such, Wednesday, January 6, 2021, was sadly allowed by pro-Trumpers to manifest as one of America’s darkest days of retribution, regret and reprehension. America and the world were appalled, apoplectic and apprehensive at the deadly, disastrous and dangerous effects from the cowardly and dastardly attack on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. As a result, five people died, many were injured including people and Police, there was a trail of damages and wreckages and now, a slew of charges, arrests and prosecutions. As the assault materialised after being instigated by an inciteful speech by President Trump, he returned to the safety and security in the White House to the warmth and comfort of his family and colleagues.
He did not care that he had endangered the lives of members of the House and Senate as they tirelessly and fearlessly performed their national duties to carry out the work of the nation. He was unconcerned about the safety and security of the nation as people and law officers were exposed to facing death at the hands of a frenzied mob, encouraged and influenced by his words, deeds and actions. He watched entertained and satisfied with his handwork, as a nation was hot on fire on a cold day.
Was Guyanese President Granger during his tenure, allowed to be Granger, or was he a jumping puppet, dancing to the tune of a rogue gang? His placement in the party was handpicked and his presidential candidacy was also secured via strategic manipulation. Did he execute any autonomy or were his decisions and announcements a relay transmission from a decisive body and not his own?
He only faced the media on a few, handpicked occasions, always spoon-fed, dodged questions with “I said what I said,” for an answer and quickly ushered out after his brief appearances. The roving and raging media operators were always kept at bay by his watchdogs. Most of the times he was kept out of sight and his lieutenants were the serving force, ready, willing and able to prevent him from taking any initiative and executing the business of the nation. The aftermath from him vacating his office would reveal that he was unaware (acclaimed) of what was happening pervasively, and if he knew, then, he had no choice but to flow with the tide.
Claiming to be a self-righteous and religious person, he would have condemned all those corruptions which his Administration was responsible for, rather than condone them in collusion. Perhaps, he could have stamped his authority and put his foot down (not in his mouth,) and prevent any malfeasance. Being a spiritual servant of the Lord who loved to kneel and bow in the church, not to repent or confess but to sing His praise and bequest His guidance to do only the right thing for the people and by the people were his (Granger’s) lies, deceits and dishonesty of his own making or the direction from dictators of the APNU/AFC? An obedient devotee of the Lord will not commit any sin, will do no wrong and only speak the truth.
Whatever Granger did, he would have had to seek the Lord’s permission or the blessings of Satan? Was Granger acting (?) under duress while he kept the nation undermined in siege during the election period in March 2020, or, was he performing an inglorious act when the APNU/AFC held Guyanese at ransom and refused to abide with the result of the No-Confidence Motion (NCM) back in December 2018? Did his conscience not prick him when on assuming office, he immediately approved exorbitant salaries for his boys and girls despite the fact that the rest of the nation was in abeyance and anxiously waiting in suspense?
Perhaps, he became a devil’s advocate onwards and was hypnotised to perform at the will of an evil force masquerading as APNU/AFC! Did the sacred Granger advocate the abuse and harassment of the foreign dignitaries as they rightfully and peacefully observed the election, or, was it a man of violence and passion who institutionalised the vulgar behaviour by lawless party members?
Was it a believer who swears by the Book of God to petition all those legal proceedings all the way to the CCJ, or, was it a worshipper of illegality who recommended to travel the path of sinners? Was the virtuous Granger in his right frame of mind when he invoked the wrath of the Berbicians by insinuating racial incitement and creating mayhem as a result, or, was it a malefactor who preached immorality to directly perpetrate violence and caucus? Granger is no longer a decorated soldier with honour and bravery, but, a timid sailor sailing at sea without a paddle and a rudderless canoe in the middle of a turmoil ocean.
Is Granger not the brash and brazen commander to face the bullets at the helm of the front line, or, is he the weak and meek to pelt a brick in the dark and then hide behind the enclosed walls of security and protection? He always shunned from his promised duty to uphold the law and defend the people of this nation.
What he admonished was recklessness and heartlessness, use and abuse of power, disrespect for the Constitution and the court, ethnic and racial division, victimisation and discrimination and disregard for rules and regulations and ignoring law and order. As such, Trump and Granger became a platform for truism, lost the touch of reality and secluded themselves in a frantic and horrific ideology which represents questionable sanity, judgemental incapacitation and selfish leadership. Former US White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly said, “he’s (Trump) a laughing stock and someone needs to manage him…you don’t survive by telling him the truth.” The truth hurts where it pains the most and both Trump and Granger find the inconvenience of truth as unacceptable and uncomfortable because they cannot handle the truth. It is uncharacteristic of them and it is not in their mantra to speak or uphold the truth. Trump and Granger have become international spectacular figures for the world to poke fun at, ridicule and laugh at. Both of them can never again look squarely eye to eye to the public without a guilty feeling.

Jai Lall