LM&TC garbage disposal woes continue

Almost four months since taking up office, the Linden Mayor and Town Council (LM&TC) continues to be plagued by community garbage disposal woes, a situation which was inherited from the previous Council.

During a recent interview, Mayor Carwyn Holland contended that it was no secret that the LM&TC has a garbage collection problem, and pointed to the various issues currently faced by the Council in this regard.

“We’re basically handicapped, we’re limped when it comes to garbage disposal. We don’t have a compactor truck to assist and to aid in the pick-up of garbage. We need to have such facility to be able to better serve our Linden community,” the Mayor said.

Garbage disposal woes continue to be an issue in the town of Linden
Garbage disposal woes continue to be an issue in the town of Linden

While the LM&TC continues to have its hands tied on the issue, residents have been complaining of not having their garbage picked up. This problem was also brought to the fore during a recent statutory meeting of the Council. Although private contractor Cevon’s Waste Disposal provides the service in the community at a cost, many Lindeners remain reluctant to utilise the service, stating that they pay their taxes and were entitled to the free service which is expected to be provided by the Council.

Additionally, compounding the situation, the Mayor said, was the fact there were garbage bins donated by citizens sitting in the Council’s compound for a long time, as well as the fact that those donated by Government cannot seem to make their way to Linden.

“We have bins donated by the Government, but they’re still sitting in Georgetown…these are all issues that we need to look into,” Holland said.

Further, the Mayor said the municipality was also looking at changing its dumpsite. He said presently work was ongoing in terms of closing off the Dakoura Creek dumpsite and using the Kara Kara dumpsite instead.

“The Government responded positively to the request of the Mayor and Town Council and they’re now doing the contract to do the road to the Kara Kara dumpsite and we’ll have a better dumping facility. But having the facility is one, but two, having the equipment to actually pick up the garbage from around the community, that’s another issue,” Holland said.