LM&TC preparing 2017 Budget

the Linden Mayor and Town Council (LM&TC) is currently in the process of preparing its 2017 Budget. This is according to Deputy Mayor Waneka Arindell, who also serves as Financial Chairman within the Municipality.

The deputy mayor said the municipal councillors who are elected representatives in the various constituencies across Linden would soon be venturing out to meet with residents to find out what is needed in their community.

The deputy mayor outlined that consultations are expected to take on an interactive approach, as the residents’ input are necessary.

“Everything may not be able to go into the budget but we want to be able to say, this is what we’re going to be able to do this year.

We will advise the public when the meetings are going to be held…we would love to have those persons who are prominent in the area, there are some persons who have been around long in their area and they know some of the necessary things that are needed to be done.

We would love to have them come out and be a part of those community meetings so the information will be filtered to the Council and we will finally be able to decide what is necessary for 2017,” she noted.

The LM&TC usually receives an annual Subvention of $15 million, which was recently increased to $16 million.