Local content, energy to take centre stage at 2022 energy conference & expo

…Caricom Heads of State to participate

Conversations on local content and the local energy sector will take centre stage when Guyana hosts the Guyana Energy Conference and Exhibition 2022 (GEC-X), which will bring together the Private Sector, civil society, energy experts and politicians.
Tuesday marked the media launch of the energy conference and expo at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre. Public Relations Consultant for the expo, Alex Graham explained that the event will bring together industry experts and investors from all over the world.
“The conference and expo will be a unique forum that will bring together industry players and national and regional policymakers to not only leverage investment and business opportunities, but to make this relevant to a clearly developed policy and regulatory context.”

The participants at the media launch; from left: PR Consultant Alex Graham, Marketing Coordinator Tosheika Logan and CEO of the conference Angenie Abel

“In this regard, we’ve already received commitments of participation from both industry and governments. High level participants will represent the government of Guyana and we have confirmed commitments from countries like Suriname,” Graham said.
Graham also said that some Caricom Heads of Government had given commitments to attend, though when asked by the media he declined to name them. In addition to local content, Graham assured that energy would take centre stage at the event.
“It’s one of the reasons why this is an energy conference and not an oil and gas conference. And that’s crucial for us. Because while we understand there’s a big excitement, obviously, around oil and gas development, we recognise that for us in Guyana and Suriname especially, we got into oil and gas late. Some experts would say too late,” the PR consultant said.
“But I think we understand that. And that is why we want to ensure our conversations cover the entire range of energy issues. And the expectations of a people for oil and gas, but the absolute demand globally for a transformation of all energy production. And we’re no different. That’s why it’s important we have policy makers in the room.”
Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the conference, Angenie Abel provided some specifics on what to expect from the exhibition, which will be held from February 15 to 18, 2022.
“We want to ensure that our programme caters not only to companies and business opportunities, but also address capacity development with a special focus on developing our people to adequately take advantage of the opportunities that will arise out of the developments in the energy sector.”
Abel made notable mention of capacity building workshops for young people. She also said that a trade show will accompany the conference. According to Abel, the conference is already attracting local, regional and international exhibitors, while the last day is expected to feature tours of Guyana’s national attractions.
GEC-X, being held under the theme “Powering the Future”, was originally scheduled for September 28 and 29, 2021, but was shifted to February 2022 as a hybrid event. The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), the lead organiser of the event, had said recently that planning is moving forward in earnest for the conference.
The conference aims to move the energy discussion beyond oil and gas. It is intended to bring together foreign and local investors and Government decision-makers in productive engagements to seek collaborations that will lead to transformative energy projects. (G3)