Local content, women’s participation key focus of Guyana Oil & Gas Virtual Summit

The CWC/Global Future Energy Limited (GFEn) will partner with the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) to host the first-ever Guyana Oil and Gas Virtual Summit in December.

CWC/GFEn Representative Tiago Marques

The three-day virtual event, which is supported by the Guyana Government, will commence on December 1, 2020.
According to CWC/GFEn representative Tiago Marques, it is aimed at bringing together experts in oil and gas and international and local businesses to meet with the new administration and discuss the latest developmental projects and new investment opportunities, as well as international best practices in the petroleum industry.
Among the areas that will be covered are diversifying the economy, new areas of business, local content, technology transfer, best practices, and energy future and transition.
During a virtual press conference on Wednesday, Marques pointed out that the intention is to make the summit as inclusive as possible.
“One thing that really sets apart the Guyana Oil and Gas Virtual Summit is…really the focus on the local business and giving access to Guyanese businesses to participate in this event… We will also include targeted sessions and practical breakout rooms where participants can speak with the experts and ask questions,” Marques noted.
In order to push local participation, the first 100 Guyanese businesses to register will not pay any charge, while the rest will have to pay a US$50 fee. International companies would have to pay a higher fee.
“What we (are) really (trying) to do here is give the opportunity to Guyanese businesses. Guyana is starting to embark on its journey in oil and gas, so it’s really important to the Guyanese businesses (to embrace) this opportunity, because they will partner with internationals in the future,” Marques noted.
Other areas of focus of the summit will be the educational aspect as well as women’s involvement in the oil and gas sector.
“We’re trying to invite students and universities as part of this discussion at large, and also the women. I think it’s gonna really (be) important we have a breakout room for women in oil and gas…,” Marques stated.
Meanwhile, GCCI President Nicholas Boyer has said this summit would highlight important areas that need to be pushed locally.
“We want to increase the local participation and bring a lot of these conversations home to Guyana; because, over time, we will develop our own indigenous experts in each field [or] on each topic of conversation within the oil and gas field, and we will be able to bring those thought processes home,” Boyer posited.
The Guyana Oil and Gas Virtual Summit will see presentations from an array of international experts in the oil and gas sector, Government officials, private sector, as well as local businesses.
CWC/Global Future Energy Limited is the world’s leading events producer and training provider for the energy and infrastructure industries. Persons/companies can register at the Guyana Oil and Gas Virtual Summit.
This Virtual Summit is expected to set the scene for the industry’s development in 2021.
A physical event is planned for June 9-10, 2021 in Georgetown, where stakeholders will be able to meet with existing and new contacts, explore the latest policies and guidelines, and develop new solutions to advance their projects in Guyana. By attending next month’s Virtual Summit, participants will unlock preferential access to all the 2021 physical events’ opportunities.. (G8)