Local students benefit from social justice issues training

Students of School of the Nations benefited from a training programme in the area of social justice issues.
The programme was conducted by a private not-for-profit, Bahá’í-inspired, residential high school, Nancy Campbell High School, whose students travelled to Georgetown from Canada to train the students in areas of social issues such as drug abuse, equality between men and women, domestic abuse, gang violence,

A student of Nancy Campbell Academy, Raya Abu-Nuwar, singing at one of the training sessions at School of the Nations

and racism.
While the aim for the programme is to learn from each other and help establish the World Citizenship programme, a number of the youth of The School of Nations in 4th to 6th forms utilised their free time between classes and after school to commit to become active agents for social action in their communities.
The goal of this programme is to use the arts to touch on such prevalent issues that not only take place in Canada and Guyana, but also all over the world.
The youths of Nancy Campbell High School worked for months, training and practicing in order to be fully prepared to meet the students and to also build strong bonds of friendships with the youths at the school.
The youth from Canada are also training the youth from Guyana through the Ruhi Institute, to become involved in the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Programme.
The Ruhi Institute has attached special importance to this educational programme and typically engages older youth as animators of younger peers aged 11 to 15 to help them develop their powers of expression, capacities for moral reasoning, developing a moral identity and an ethic of service to others.
The programme combines study, mentorship and social action.
According to a representative of the Academy, they believe every student has the right to be one of tomorrow’s leaders and the students are critical thinkers who plan to make a positive change in the world.
The fundamental focus is advanced academics while the fundamental difference is our foundation.