Lone gunman robs porter

Forty-five-year-old Eckmond Pounder, a porter of Lot 53 Fourth Street, Alberttown, Georgetown, was on Tuesday morning relieved of his personal belongings by a lone gunman who entered his home.
According to information received, Pounder was at home when he was confronted by the perpetrator who was wearing a white jersey and a blue pair of jeans. At the time, he was brandishing a black handgun.
However, the lone gunman demanded the victim hand over his laptop computer, mobile phone and money. Out of fear for his life, the victim complied and handed over the computer; but not satisfied, the perpetrator snatched the victim’s mobile phone from his hands, after which he pushed his hands into the man’s pocket and relieved him of a $1000.
After taking the items, the gunman assaulted the victim, causing injuries to his left eye. After the ordeal, the suspect exited the house and made good his escape. A report was lodged at the Alberttown Police Station and the victim was taken to seek medical attention. He was subsequently treated and set away.
The Police have since questioned several persons in the area.
Up to press time, no arrests were made.