Lowenfield’s delusion is that he’s a chess grandmaster

Dear Editor,
Lowenfield’s delusion is that he’s a chess grandmaster – and that the Chair and the people are pawns. He seems to think he’s the sharpest pencil in the box, and is too big for his britches.
Where did you get the notion that you control all of GECOM? Or that you can put the entire country on hold at your whim and leisure.
He has no authority vested in him. GECOM order No 60 of 2020 made this abundantly clear. It states:
15. For the avoidance of any doubt, the Chief Election Officer and every person appointed or authorised to perform any act or function by virtue of this order, are and shall remain subject to the general supervisory power of the Commission.
As former Barbados Prime Minister and head of the Commonwealth Observer Mission to the March 2 elections said of Joseph Harmon, he should realise he’s a utensil in this matter.
Move past Lowenfield
The country just has to move on at this point. Let’s get past Mr Lowenfield. He is an anomaly, a blip in history. A bump on the road.
GECOM staff and professional people can function just fine without him and other tainted officials. There are many capable and impartial Guyanese who can replace Lowenfield in a flash.
This is evidenced by the recount and the March 2 election itself. Despite his efforts to undermine the process; and when that failed, to fraudulently alter the results, the system and staff at large performed admirably – particularly given the circumstances and attempts to coerce.
GECOM staff completed all the critical work of the recount. All that was left was for Lowenfield to sum up the votes from the 10 Regions. Then based on the summation to fill in the form showing the number of seats for each political party.
This is a simple bit of arithmetic. It does not require some special Lowenfield magic or recipe to do the addition and multiplication involved here. Any 11-year old National Grade Six Assessment student would be able to do it, given the appropriate instruction. All the necessary forms are there. The assignment can be completed inside half an hour.
Over the span of over four months, Lowenfield made 5 or 6 attempts. Preposterously, he came up with a different answer on each occasion.
That’s a failing grade Mr Lowenfield. It’s disgraceful. Your gross incompetence at rigging and now at doing simple arithmetic should make you unemployable in the most junior position.
You need clarification of the crystal clear CCJ order and the Chair’s explicit instruction? Please Mr Lowenfield, do not insult the intelligence of the Guyanese people.
It is time for Mr Lowenfield to be set straight. The generous compensation and benefits he enjoys out of taxpayers’ dollars can be better employed.

Ron Cheong