Our local community should start kicking-in sanctions

Dear Editor,
Business establishments in Guyana should immediately stop conducting transactions with PNC-APNU/AFC list of candidates for March 2020 General and Regional Elections. De facto Ministers must not be recognised as Government officials as their reign came to an end at midnight March 2, 2020. Hence, as former Ministers and those public servants who are on the APNU/AFC candidates’ list and did not resign from their position in the public service should only be treated as ordinary citizens but at the same time be viewed as part of a cartel of gangsters.
As such, shops, supermarkets and other traders should not sell them any ration supplies and their utilities’ services including mobile and internet services should be cut off.
The Guyanese people must act now with all seriousness and let the APNU/AFC regime know that their actions to rig the March 2020 National Elections will not be tolerated at the local level.

Sincerely yours,
Paul Ramrattan