Lusignan inmate throws bag with ganja into prison compound

An inmate of the Lusignan Prison, East Coast Demerara (ECD), is in hot water after he was caught retrieving a parcel of marijuana from a car parked outside of the prison and then throwing it into the compound.

The ganja and other items found in the parcel

Shadrack King, 25, is currently serving a sentence for a wounding offence and he serves as an orderly in the penitentiary.
Based on reports received, at about 08:20h on the day in question, the prisoner was emptying garbage outside of the prison when it was observed that he went into an old car parked outside of the jailhouse and retrieved a bulky plastic bag.
The inmate then threw the bag over the prison’s fence.
The Police said “alert prison officers” escorted the prisoner to the suspicious package which, when opened, revealed tobacco leaves, bamboo, zip lock bags and 1110.5 grams of ganja.
Investigations are ongoing.