Man beaten after stumbling into bandits committing robbery

A man was beaten by two motorcycle bandits on Monday at the corner of New Market and Thomas Street Georgetown, because he had stumbled upon them committing a robbery.

A screenshot of the video that was seen by this publication on social media

In a video seen by this publication, the man was walking in the vicinity of the Pro Care Pharmacy when the incident occurred. The video showed a motorcycle pulling up to the corner, and the pillion riders hopping off and attempting to rob a woman who walking in the area. At the time, a nurse was standing at the corner of the said road.
As one of the bandits grabbed the woman’s bag, the nurse saw what was unfolding and made good her escape. The man, who appeared to have no knowledge of what was happening, turned the corner and walked into the men committing the robbery.
The robbers then attacked him and dealt him several cuffs to his face and about his body, as he knelt covering his head. He then began to run away, but the bandits gave chase. He managed to escape, and the suspects returned to where their motorcycle was parked, hopped on it and made good their escape with the woman’s bag in hand.
Police have since launched an investigation into the incident, and the hunt is now on for the men.
Just recently a 45-year-old man of Ruby Back, East Bank Essequibo was robbed of his valuables by four armed men at Alexander Street, within the vicinity of the Bourda Market, Georgetown.
The man, who plies his trade in the vicinity of Alexander Street, was at his stall when he was approached by the four men, who rode pedal cycles.
One of the suspects was armed with a black handgun while the others were armed with knives.
It was reported that the suspect with the gun had allegedly pointed the weapon at the victim’s head and ordered him to remain silent. He then dealt the man a lash to the left side of his face, while demanding that he hand over cash.
The man was relieved of his LG cellphone valued at $30,000 along with $40,000 in cash, as the armed suspects made good their escape in a southerly direction along Alexander Street, Georgetown. (G9)