Man on trial for 2017 NWD murder

Eustace Abrams is presently on trial before Justice Brassington Reynolds and a 12-member jury for the June 15, 2017 murder of Orlando La Cruz, the Pomeroon River man who was shot dead at Jack and
Vieira Backdam, North West District (NWD). Abrams has pleaded not guilty to the murder indictment presented against him by State Prosecutor Tiffini Lyken.
According to reports, La Cruz was lying in a hammock at his mining camp when two men visited him. They began consuming alcohol. It was reported that shortly after, one of the men asked La Cruz to perform oral sex on him, however, when the now-dead man refused, an argument ensued. During the ordeal, La Cruz was shot to the neck by one of the men.
The two men made good their escape. La Cruz was later discovered in the hammock bleeding. He was pronounced dead at the Matthew’s Ridge District Hospital. (G1)