Marslowe hopes for improved playing conditions in Bartica…

…weather a constant factor

Alden Marslowe

By Timothy Jaikarran

The Bartica Senior League has concluded and the winning team, Rivers View, will represent Bartica at National Championships. However, with the inclement weather pattern, football is constantly placed on hold until there is better.
In an interview with this publication, President of the Bartica Football Association (BFA), Alden Marslowe, when questioned on what can be done to improve the level of play and the conditions, said, “Improved facilities… the Bartica Community Centre Ground has been under rehabilitation for two years now and we seem to be right where we started. Two contractors have tackled the surface so far, and it’s still not playable. So we need serious intervention to correct our ground so that players can have a levelled playing field compared to other communities. The field is under the stewardship of the Bartica Town Council, who are the local Government organs of the town. So we definitely need better representation to central Government for a more serious approach to fixing our problem. We actually have three grounds at Bartica, and none is quite suitable for sports. We currently use the Bartica Secondary School Ground for our matches, but that too is not a great surface. But it’s all that we have for the longest while”.
Marslowe also went on to relate that if the football ground is placed in order, inclusive of not only a good surface, but also flood lights, it will give the players the opportunity to play night games and to hold games as a fundraiser for the Association. The BFA will also be able to host visiting teams, thus, creating more exposure for the teams in Bartica. He also relayed that they are forced to sit out rainfall, noting that they would have to go across the country when the rains come. But nevertheless, he is optimistic that when the weather holds there will be the resumption of the youth league.
In closing, Marslowe said, “We look forward to starting the regular season on time this year, early October. In trends of preparation for the GFF Cup, our team is from Rivers View, where it is sandy, so the rain doesn’t stop their training entirely”.