Mendonca proud of Pee-Wee/Milo players in national team

Petra Co-Director
Troy Mendonca

Being in the business of football organisation, it is always a proud moment to see the products of your tournaments shine. This kind of pride is one that Troy Mendonca exuded after the recent Golden Jaguars team announcement.
The current senior men’s national team have a whopping total of 12 local players. Of that number, half of those players have come through the ranks of Pee Wee and Milo football tournaments, all organised by the Petra Organisation.
For Petra Organisation Co-Director Mendonca, to see those young players advance to the highest level of Guyanese football so quickly is a significant moment.
Here’s what he had to say about the Organisation’s aim of filling a gap between Pee Wee and the senior level, that has obviously paid off.
“When we started, especially the Milo Tournament, we understand and realise or we saw that gap, in terms of kids coming through. And we’re very happy all of those youngsters came through the ranks of our schools’ tournaments,” Mendonca stated.
As such, he shared that the Organisation is committed to working with other entities to ensure future players have a similar or stronger foundation.
“And we’re very happy. We will continue to work with the relevant authorities, the Ministry of Education and the Guyana Football Federation, to continue to lay that foundation,” the football organiser explained.
The likes of Jeremy Garrett, Job Caesar, Ryan Hackett, Omari Glasgow, Kelsey Benjamin, and Nicholas McArthur are all products of the Milo Secondary Schools football tournament and in some instances, the Pee-Wee Under-11 tournament.