Ministerial plenary or caucus is just a “jumbie”

Dear Editor,
Please permit me space to add my comments to the ongoing debate on the ministerial plenary or caucus. The Opposition Leader’s call to resist adherence, application or implementation of any new requests emanating from plenary meetings is in order and must be heeded.
Amidst the delaying tactics and antics, the APNU/AFC Administration continues to defy wisdom and good faith acts as we enter the final third of the 90-day period.
The Government refuses to accept that the successful December 21, 2018, no-confidence motion, like the crucifixion of Christ, put the Cabinet to death. While the resurrection of Christ influenced the New Testament, accounts of His life and works, the ministerial plenary or caucus, as an attempt to resurrect the Cabinet, is nothing other than a jumbie. It’s not real, thus has no powers, nor is it legally supported.
I would agree that the Government has a right to meet, whether in plenary or caucus. However, outcomes of such meetings, if implemented as part of our national goals, would be illegal and have no effect. For example, the last publication in the Gazette is illegal. In essence, the plenary meeting is an attempt to usurp the functions of the Cabinet which died on December 21.
In a nutshell, the plenary meeting does not resurrect the Cabinet; it’s a jumbie and cannot give rise to actions and functions that are in the domain of the Cabinet. To give effect to or support the implementation of decisions from such meetings would amount to recognising a jumbie as having the authority to take actions on behalf of humans.

Yours sincerely,
Ronald Singh