Mischief of law breakers

Dear Editor,
Guyana’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Carolyn Rodrigues- Birkett, recently indicated, “There is no justification for the killing of innocent civilians and the Geneva Conventions of 1949 are clear on the obligation to protect civilians.” The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), was established by the new United Nations on the 10th December 1948 and is the foundation for a 7 million strong Amnesty International.
The UDHR provides a 30 rights global roadmap for freedom and equality, protects the rights for individuals everywhere without discrimination, persecutes violators who deny individuals to live their lives freely, equally and in dignity and promotes a campaign to take action for justice, freedom and truth wherever it has been denied. Human rights are international, indivisible and interdependent. They permeate every nook and cranny in any crevice where human beings habituate their habitats.
Of much interest are the following Articles with much emphasis on # 29: (7) We are all are equal before the law; (8) Everyone has the right to seek justice if their rights are violated; (12) Everyone has the right to privacy and freedom from attacks on their reputation; (24) Everyone has the right to rest and leisure; (29) We have a duty to other people and we should protect their rights and freedoms.
In our delicate, debauched and demoniac society today, the disgusting issue of noise nuisance, law breakers and public obscenity, align themselves to affront: the decency of moral dignity; the right to reside in a peaceful neighbourhood; the right to rest and sleep at night; the right not to be traumatised by wilful disruptions; the right to live in a healthy environment; the right not to be endangered by criminal activities; the right not to be invaded by intruders; the right not to have their private property defaced to say the least. The above-mentioned unsolicited requisites are simply the tip of the iceberg for what should be automatically enjoyed in Guyana and a civilised community that respect law and order and abide with established rules and regulations.
These inflamed elements are factored in a volatile package which tear away at the very cusp of many communities and cry the tune of a broken record. Sadly, they go noticeably silent on the relevant authoritative sources who are armed to provide for the protection of the very society which contribute to their well-being. Even when complaints are lodged, they may be ignored, treated inappropriately, regarded as a joke and with a dismissive response, swept under the carpet or left hanging in mid-air. The matter may be tolerably addressed in the form of informal discussion but without applicable recourse for any tangible redress with immediate remedial effect.
The intolerable menace of Noise Nuisance often originates from bars which function in the heart of communities, disrupting the peace and tranquillity of residents, students, babies and young ones, the sick and the elderly. When it’s not the loud music with an open park concert type volume, it’s the loud, lousy and ludicrous shouting conversations and the foul language from drunk, uncaring and unconcerned patrons. Dem Byes Se “All dis loud music na jus drown out conversation, it drown out humanity!”
Then, there is the ear shattering noise which emanates from drivers competing with the DJ from a Rock concert. The ‘show off’ drivers and bikers screech their tires as if they are on the race track in South Dakota.

The already small streets, are filled with vehicles parked on both sides, alluding to traffic congestion, cars parked illegally in residents’ driveways, cars blocking the entrances and exits of side streets and drivers experiencing nightmares in order to navigate a passage way to get in or out of the streets. In event of an ambulance or fire truck answering a call of emergency or urgency, do fear for the worse and the unacceptable.
More so, customers would loiter and lime in front of these bars, drinking, cursing and engaging in rowdy, rambunctious and reckless discussions. They would litter the streets with paper cups, plastic glasses, bottles, cigarette butts and food containers. Their loud voices compete with lawless laughs and shouting matches. Their garbage is also thrown in the drains which form the base for breeding grounds for insects, mosquitoes and flies which contribute to the danger of health hazards.
While these strangers visit the bar, they present a security risk for unwanted company infiltrating a community with hidden agenda and criminal intentions. Suspicious drug trafficking is not uncommon along with undeclared activities which do not saturate the day. The normal smell of cigarettes is adulterated with other scented flavours to pollute the air! Butts from other stems are carefully hunted for, in the following morning, either to remove evidence of illegality or to be enjoyed for that last whiff and puff.
The disgusting mayhem of Public Obscenity dominates the order of the night and male and female indulge in exposing their privates openly. They can be seen urinating in the most comfortable positions and not bothered by who is witnessing such a despicable performance. The men can be seen deliberately looing and urinating on the premises of residents’ properties as if it is an accepted norm in the context of a Wild West society. Defacing people’s fences is an attribute of anarchic and uncivilised people who are not ashamed of their proud behaviour. Vomiting in the streets is another unsightly and upsetting scene. You can view stray dogs lapping up the mess for food or flies feasting on a meal.
The alarming mischief of law breakers are encouraged to continue to be on the wrong side of justice and are tolerated, encouraged and yes, protected by those with incentive interests! Over crowed bars are good for the business owners but bad for the insurance companies. Opening past the curfew time is good for the customers, better for the businesses and best for the bar owners. This is bad for the antagonising surroundings, worse for the sleepless residents and worst for the peace of the community. How can bars be allowed to operate past the 2am closing time and operate until 6am?
This three-dimensional sickening nuisance unfortunately combine together, form the nucleus of an attack on humanity, sanity and dignity. Its indecency questions the very essence of respect, regard and reproach to rationalise and resurrect the request for residents in the rural areas to remain relatively resolute in the appeal for the law to take its justified course. This is not a chosen challenge, nor is it too much to ask from those with a clear conscience, nor is it circumspectly contemplating a cynical counterstroke!

Yours respectfully,
Jai Lall