Family seeking answers on fatal shooting

Dear Editor,
I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the tragic killing of Jared Jagnandan, as detailed in a recent article. Months have passed since this horrific event, and it is disheartening to learn that Jared’s family is still awaiting justice while the Guyana Police Force seeks advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions.
Jared, an 18-year-old with a bright future ahead of him, was senselessly killed on March 21, 2024, at Shaf Auto Sales in Lusignan, East Coast Demerara. According to the police report, Jared was shot by a 20-year-old security officer. Jared was taken to Woodlands Hospital but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.
It is deeply troubling that despite the gravity of this incident, Jared’s family has not seen significant progress in the investigation. It appears that the investigation by both the Guyana Police Force and the DPP’s chambers is experiencing delays that raise concerns about fairness and transparency. It is my hope that the Security Service and Auto Dealership that are both affluent and influential individuals are being dealt with by the Guyana Police Force in a completely fair and transparent manner. However, the security service and auto dealership continue their operations without significant pressure, while the family of the deceased remains devastated, distressed and inadequately informed. This situation raises broader concerns about whether the system in Guyana disproportionately protects the wealthy and privileged, potentially neglecting the needs and rights of the poor and working class. The comparison drawn with recent cases where swift judicial action was initiated undoubtedly underscores a perceived disparity in treatment. Every existing citizen deserves equal access to justice, and the delays in this case undermine public trust in our legal system. As a mother myself, this is terrifying to say the least.
The allegations of negligence against security company are serious. The company is accused of allowing a security guard to possess a loaded firearm without proper licensing. Additionally, the company has reportedly failed to cooperate with the police by withholding records that are legally required. The parents of Jared have called for the directors of the security company to be held criminally responsible under the Private Security Act and for the revocation of the company’s security and firearm licenses. These demands are understandable given the circumstances.
Jared’s family has also raised concerns about Shaf Auto Sales Inc. It is alarming that the auto dealership, where Jared was employed as a marketing and sales representative, allegedly failed to provide immediate assistance. Instead, they deferred to the security company, which took over 10 minutes to reach the crime scene and transport Jared to the hospital. The family is urging the authorities to investigate the dealership’s potential criminal responsibility in this matter, and I share their concerns.
The family’s anguish is palpable, and their plea for justice is both urgent and justified. They fear that without swift action, those responsible may evade accountability, and Jared’s death will be forgotten. This delay in justice is not only painful for Jared’s family but also undermines public confidence in the legal system. The family’s call for a full and transparent investigation is crucial to ensuring accountability and preventing similar tragedies in the future.
I therefore humbly urge the relevant authorities to expedite the investigation and ensure that justice is served swiftly and fairly. Jared’s family deserves closure, and the community needs reassurance that such negligence and recklessness will not be tolerated. It is imperative that both Cerberus Security Inc. and Shaf Auto Sales Inc. are held accountable for their roles in this tragic event.
Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter. May your publications continue to shed light on issues that demand justice, and ensure that Jared Jagnandan’s memory serves as a catalyst for positive change in our pursuit of a just society.

Nadezhda Stephens
Very Concerned Citizen