MMP Foundation awards cricketer Jonathan Rampersaud 4-year UG scholarship

By Brandon Corlette

Guyanese youth cricketer Jonathan Rampersaud copped nine grade ones and two grade twos in the eleven subjects he sat at the 2020 Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC), and has now been awarded a four-year scholarship to pursue a degree at the University of Guyana.

The Rampersaud family with MMP volunteers Dave Bhudu, Gaitree Sheonarain and Bhisham Mohamed

His scholarship has been awarded by the Mohabir Mookoorchand Persaud (MMP) Foundation, and volunteer chairman Dave Budhu noted that this foundation has been sponsoring less fortunate students who have been successful during their years at high school.
On Saturday last, the MMP Foundation visited Rampersaud’s home and surprised him with this scholarship, leaving the young man filled with delight.
Budhu noted that Rampersaud was one of those students who applied for the subsidy, and he was exceptional at the his CSEC exams.

The Rampersaud family

“I am very pleased with Rampersaud’s performance, and we at MMP are willing to help students that are in Jonathan’s position,” he declared.
With Rampersaud now moving towards tertiary education, MMP are expecting great things from him, and stand willing to offer him further assistance.
Volunteer Public Relations Officer Bhisham Mohamed highlighted that the MMP Foundation received applications from three students from each of the secondary schools in Berbice. Rampersaud was the top student among those who applied at the MMP Foundation. “Because Jonathan is the top student at MMP Foundation, we offered him a 4-year scholarship to the University of Guyana, all expenses paid. In addition, he will receive 60,000 yearly to buy stationery supplies,” Mohamed said.

MMP volunteer Dave Budhu presents scholarship certificate to Rampersaud

Further, Rampersaud has been awarded $100,00 cash grant and a $50,000 gift voucher at the MMP outlet.
Jonathan Rampersaud is a Berbician who has emerged from humble beginnings. At a tender age, he showed his academic ability by attaining 499 marks at the Common Entrance (Grade Six Examinations), and was awarded a place at the illustrious President’s College. However, due to financial struggles, he was sent to the JC Chandisingh Secondary, which is close to his home at Portuguese Quarters, Port Mourant.
Jonathan’s mother is the sole bread-winner of the family after his father suffered a stroke in 2018 and has since had his left hand paralysed.
She sells at a small snackette outside of the school, and has always been his motivator, pushing him to reach greater heights and make that extra sacrifice.
The former West Indies Under-15 selectee has also taken up farming to add to his responsibilities.
He was absent from school for four months prior to CSEC examinations because of financial difficulties the family was facing. However, some senior teachers of the JC Chandisingh Secondary encouraged him to return to school.
Today, all the hard work has paid off for the humble Jonathan Rampersaud, who has shown finesse in balancing his academics with sport.
The talented left-handed batsman, who bowls genuine off-spin, plays his cricket for the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) which is a stone’s throw away from his secondary school.
Having witnessed Rampersaud playing cricket first hand, I conclude he certainly has the ability to reach the highest level and continue that vein of the rich crop of cricketers in Berbice.
In Rampersaud’s response, he thanked the MMP Foundation, the RHTY&SC, and his school. “I am overjoyed and thankful for this opportunity,” he declared.
Rampersaud is eager to play cricket for the West Indies but remains confident of being successful in his educational pursuit.

Flashback! Jonathan Rampersaud appeals during an inter-county match (Brandon Corlette photos)