MoH, RAD-AID partner to expand radiology capabilities in Guyana

The Health Ministry on Monday announced a new partnership with the radiology non-profit organisation, RAD-AID International, to increase and improve radiology capabilities and services throughout Guyana.
The collaboration entails the expansion of medical imaging equipment, Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS), electronic health interconnectivity, community outreach, as well as clinical education for nurses, technologists and physicians.
The partnership builds upon RAD-AID’s work to establish Guyana’s first radiology residency at Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) since 2017, which recently graduated Guyana’s first class of in-country trained radiologists.
Over the last four years, RAD-AID also implemented and supported new computed tomography (CT) services and PACS in GPHC, New Amsterdam and Bartica Hospitals, along with training of physicians, nurses and technologists for IV contrast procedures, radiologic/ultrasound image-quality, patient-safety, and women’s health outreach (with support from Ambra Health, Philips, Bayer and Google Cloud).
During the COVID-19 pandemic, RAD-AID increased remote teaching and clinical support to Guyana’s hospitals, and delivered innovative medical imaging artificial intelligence implementation and training (with support from Densitas, Koios Medical, and
The Health Ministry and RAD-AID aim to leverage these achievements to scale up healthcare resources in Guyana’s low-resource hospitals and facilities. The Ministry is working with RAD-AID to expand healthcare accessibility among medically underserved communities in Guyana, accelerate technology adoption for modernising the country’s health information platforms, and connect tertiary care institutions with regional and district health facilities.
“Radiology (imaging diagnostics) is a critical part of quality medicine. With this collaboration, we seek to elevate both technology and human resource capacity throughout the country, bringing better healthcare to people,” Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony stated
“We are delighted to collaborate with Guyana’s Ministry of Health for advancing radiology health services and capabilities in Guyana,” Founder and CEO of RAD-AID, Dr Daniel J Mollura stated.
“This new partnership will enable RAD-AID to extend the progress at GPHC, New Amsterdam, and Bartica Hospitals, to other health institutions throughout Guyana. We look forward to strengthening technology, innovation, and education for Guyana’s health workers and patients.”
The Health Ministry intends to make state-of-the-art X-rays and other imaging diagnostics such as CT, MRI and Ultra Sound more accessible in all regional hospitals.
The Ministry of Health is also phasing out old technology, phasing out the need for imaging films and use of chemicals which constitute an environmental hazard.