Mohamed’s Enterprise hosts appreciation dinner for teachers

– enough attention not given to educators – businessman

The staff of ISA Islamic School was on Friday evening hosted to an appreciation dinner at the Marriott Hotel by Mohamed’s Enterprise.
The main aim of the initiative was to show appreciation to all staff members for their hard work and dedication in providing quality education to children in the various levels – nursery, primary, and secondary.

Board directors and teachers at the appreciation dinner

The school was constructed by the Mohameds to especially serve the Muslim community. Presently, the school has an attendance of over 550 children, 25 of whom are also sponsored by the Mohamed family.
Speaking at the event, the Managing Director of the business conglomerate, Nazar ‘Shell’ Mohamed, who also served as Chairman of the educational institution, expressed sincere gratitude to the staff for its commitment and dedication to the teaching profession.
“Teachers have a significant influence on our lives. They influenced me, my children, and my grandchildren, and played a significant part in our successes. They influenced our lives by passing on their wisdom, and they never fail to inspire us to dream, fight, and never give up,” Mohamed told the gathering.
In his presentation, he emphasised that a great teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart while noting that without teachers, there would not be world leaders, doctors, scientists, lawyers, philosophers, and other professions.
Further, he added that it is important to recognise and honour the teachers who have devoted their lives to the nation which ultimately leads to the advancement of the country.
He further noted that a teacher is not someone solely confined to the four walls of a classroom but rather someone who exhibits wisdom, experience, kindness, discipline, and compassion.
“Teachers are intellectual and spiritual guides who mentor their students with the purest intention of seeing them spread their wings and take to the skies. One must learn how a teacher is not simply a professional but friends who prepare us for the real world, and who want the best for their students. A teacher’s place is one of respect and every teacher who toils hard for the betterment of a room full of students is someone striving for a better future for the nation.”
Mohamed also noted that in their daily lives, these men and women who educate our children fulfil the promise of a nation that’s always looking forward and believes each generation has a responsibility to help the next.
“Across the nation, teachers who get up every day at the crack of dawn after staying up late grading papers, running through the syllabus, jotting reports, and working their hearts out to lift our youth; I am so grateful to all of you for your passion and your dedication and all the hard work on behalf of the next generation.”
In addition, he thanked all teachers for preparing young minds to compete in the global market.
“They are tough in the form of fathers and loving in the form of mothers, caring for us as if we were friends, strict disciplinarians but always looking out for us. Our teachers are great individuals who have shaped us after our parents and made us wise to deal with the world.”
“For me, teachers are the real VIPs. We need teachers in every step of life and career. On numerous instances, Almighty Allah ordered us to acquire knowledge and learn. Islam lays so much stress on seeking knowledge and; also, on giving respect to the ones who imparted knowledge. That’s why teachers have the highest status in Islam. In the Holy Quran, Almighty Allah says: “Allah elevates to high positions those from amongst you who are faithful and those who have acquired knowledge,” (Quran, 58:11).
“We can understand the highest rank of teachers from the Quote of Ali (RA) in which He stated: “If a person teaches me one single word, he has made me his servant for a lifetime.”
Meanwhile, he posited that it is unfortunate that teachers are not given enough positive attention, citing being underpaid and not appreciated for their sacrifices.
“So, thank you for continuing to uplift and coach our children day in and day out despite being ungratified and unvalued.”
He, however, called on parents to teach their children to respect educators since Islam does not encourage mistreatment and disrespect in any form.
“Teach your children basic appreciation and raise them to know the importance of educators,” Mohamed added.