Mohamed’s Enterprise injects $1M+ into Kashif and Shanghai futsal

Nazar Mohamed of Mohamed’s Enterprise making a presentation to Aubrey “Shanghai” Major in the presence of Kashif Muhammad

The 32-team Kashif and Shanghai “One Guyana” Futsal tournament was on Thursday morning given a massive boost, compliments of Mohamed’s Enterprise, as the two parties continue their decades-long relationship in good faith.
A simple presentation ceremony at the company’s Lombard Street, Georgetown office saw proprietor Nazar “Shell” Mohamed handing over a monetary donation and trophies to members of the organisation.
Mohamed’s Enterprise will be sponsoring the Futsal tournament’s $1 million grand prize.
In brief remarks, Kashif Muhammad spoke of the company’s longstanding relationship with the footballing organisation.
“When the Kashif and Shanghai football started in 1989, we asked for sponsorship and from 1989 until today, “Shell” was there with us. He’s our longest-standing sponsor, he was there every single time. There was never a time that we asked Mohamed’s Enterprise or Team Mohamed’s for support and we didn’t get it,” Muhammad shared.
The renowned football organiser further stated, “So, we’re extremely grateful for still being with “Shell” today.”
In his remarks, Mohamed continued on the topic of longevity, while highlighting the unifying impact of the sport.
He expressed, “It has been approaching four decades and that has been a really long time and as the honourable chairman says, longevity and sustainability are exactly the two words that I thought about even before I got here and this is what Mohamed’s Enterprise stand for. If we are with you, we are with you.
“I am really honoured, I’m really happy that I could’ve lived so long to support this organisation, because sport is important and they also have demonstrated longevity. They have their own challenges too and it’s not easy, but they stood out among all the other organisations and organisers of sport in this country and I really want to commend them, because sport is important.”
“Sport is the building block that can cement and unite people,” Mohamed concluded.
The Kashif and Shanghai Futsal tournament is set to kick off on Easter Sunday, April 9, 2023 with teams from Georgetown, West Demerara, the East Bank and East Coast of Demerara, Berbice, and Linden. The tournament is set to conclude on Saturday, May 20, 2023.