Shabazz “has options” for Golden Jaguars captaincy

Golden Jaguars Head Coach Jamaal Shabaz

Guyana’s senior men’s national football team, the Golden Jaguars will take to the Dame Flora Duffy Sports Complex, Devonshire, Bermuda on Saturday, March 25 for their anticipated clash with the home team in the CONCACAF Nations League 2022-2023.
With the Golden Jaguars’ two impending international assignments being “must-win” games, the leadership on the field is ever important.
On that note, Head Coach Jamaal Shabazz shared that he has quite a few options, from both the local and international pools for captaincy.

Colin Nelson (on ball) was another “potential leader” singled out by Coach Shabazz

“Well, it’s a strange scenario. The team is going through a changing of the guards, right. We have [Sam] Cox, who is now elevated as a coach/player, of course, we know he will get some playing time, but we don’t know how it will pan out,” the Golden Jaguars Head Coach told Guyana Times Sport.
He added, “So, we keep the captaincy open, he’s a clear leader. Daniel Wilson is a clear leader, Colin Nelson, Jeremy Garrett, young Nathan Moriah-Welsh, Emery Welshman. So, we have a lot of options.”
However, the Head Coach is not trying to lock down a captain too far in advance, noting that the team have the right amount of balance needed to excel.

Colin Nelson (on ball) was another “potential leader” singled out by Coach Shabazz

Shabazz told this publication exclusively, “At the end of the day, when the 11 takes the field, we would decide, you know, the night before basically, ‘this person will wear the armband’. We really do have a lot of leadership in the squad and that’s a good thing to have.
“We’ve also tried to go with a good mix of young players – Elliott Bonds playing overseas, Bayli Adams, young player playing overseas – and some experience, because we think that balance is important,” the Coach further stated.
The Golden Jaguars will battle Bermuda on Saturday at 14:00h local time. After which they will head to Barbados, where they will face Monserrat on March 28 in their final Nations League game. (Jemima Holmes)