Moleson Creek family gets new house from NGO

A Moleson Creek Corentyne, Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) family of four is now enjoying the comfort of a new home, which was handed over to them on Wednesday by Rose for Relief, a Non-Governmental Organisation.
Shirley Arjune called “Aunty Shirley” by villagers, was all in praise for the NGO as in three weeks they dismantled the old structure and built a new home for her. Arjune earns a living by doing domestic work in the neighbouring community of Crabwood Creek.

The house in which Shirley Arjune, called “Aunty Shirley”, and her family lived

Along with her husband, who is mentally challenged, and two children, aged 17 and 27-years-old, Arjune had only two mattresses placed on the floor of her old shack to serve as beds.
“Things were hard and we use to sleep on the floor,” she explained.
But all that is history now. Thanks to Rose for Relief, an NGO which focuses on mothers who may be living in difficult circumstances.
The NGO is headed by Rosanna Muhammad called “Rosie”. Three weeks ago, she was sharing food hampers in the area as part of a COVID-19 relief, when she stumbled upon Arjune, who was cooking on her fireside.
Muhammad said that she then posted images on social media asking persons to help the family of four.

Shirley Arjune and her husband share a photo moment with Rosanna Muhammad in front of the new house which was built through Rose for Relief, a non-governmental organisation

Many persons, she added, reached out to her after the story was covered in the mainstream media.
“In the process of all of that people promised me to help her to rebuild the home. That was the Wednesday, and Friday we started building the foundation and three weeks after this is the end result.”
She said both local and overseas donors assisted in the project.
“Businessmen from Georgetown and some from Corriverton donated nails and things like that. Reaching Aunty Shirley and working with her and now seeing how happy she is inspired me to start a foundation – Rose for Relief. The foundation is to help single mothers and elderly people to rebuild their homes so that they can be comfortable,” Muhammad said.
The foundation is expected to be launched next month.
“No woman or mother should be living in such conditions. I don’t think they should be punished like that. It was really hurtful and sad to see Aunty Shirley sleeping in a square broken down home flat on the ground with some boards missing… today she has a very beautiful home with two bedrooms, beds, mattresses, new stove it is just she needs a little more stuff like chairs and tables,” the 35-year-old woman who lives at Corriverton explained.