Moonlight – “The Lost City” dazzles Guyana Marriott

In a dazzling display of elegance and enchantment, the most anticipated Moonlight Stories Gala and Runway show took centre stage on Saturday night, captivating the hearts and minds of fashion enthusiasts.

Keisha Edwards CEO – ShaSha Designs

Held at the prestigious Guyana Marriot Hotel Ballroom, the event was a seamless combination of magic and high fashion coupled with ethereal storytelling, leaving patrons amazed from the moment they entered the moonlit realm of artistry.
The Moonlight Stories Gala and Runway showcased a combination of fashion and imagination presented by the talented Keshia Edwards, the visionary behind ShaSha Designs. The concept and creativity of the night mesmerised the audience through this year’s theme “The Lost City”. Edwards brought to life, a journey through the dominion of Guyana’s forgotten wonders.
The Gala and Runway featured several Guyanese designers such as Derek Moore, Randy Madray, Dexter Gardner, Roberto Tekkah, Isaiah Luther, Phelicia Adams, Esther Samuels, Kim Boodhan and others. There was a strategic mix of seasoned and new Guyanese designers who were given the opportunity to showcase their conceptual designs of “The Lost City”.
In an effort to capture the essence of patriotism and express the pure talents that lie within the borders of Guyana, models, and designers represented at the gala and runway show were evident as they brought their cultures to life.
Guyana Times spoke with a few designers on Monday during which they described the event as fascinating and well put-together.
Randy Madray related that the show has set an amazingly high standard for runway events in Guyana. “It was very classy, very sophisticated and I feel like it really accommodated artist of all forms. It allowed for the visual artists, decorators, models designers, and even the performers.”
He added that the events such as Moonlight Stories Gala and Runway Show were just what was needed to boost the fashion industry.
Meanwhile, Derek Moore expressed that he knew he had to be very creative as he was entering a show with a great platform.
“The experience was amazing. From the inception of creating plaits and dream catchers to completing my simple, yet artistic silhouette and displaying it at the show. I wanted to display gold elements that resonate with the people of Guyana.” Moore believes that the dream of our El Dorado is still very much alive.
Another designer, Dexter Gardener, said the event exceeded his expectations. “It was my first time being a part of a runway show of this calibre. I had the opportunity to meet new designers and my experience was beyond good.” Gardener added that Moonlight Stories was a platform to experience our talent and culture as the event celebrated Guyana.
One of the newer designers, Roberto Teekah expressed that it was his first time displaying one of his own designs on the runway and it was undoubtedly a great experience. “I was really excited about the show because there was such a wide audience to interact with my work.” He also noted that it is important for Guyanese to support local talents.
“There is no shortage of talent here and if we continue to nurture that talent, we could reach such a standard that the international community would be amazed.”