There are intellectual authors behind the deadly Mahdia fire

Dear Editor,
I am convinced that there are intellectual authors behind the deadly fire at Mahdia and I am also even more doubly sure that there is/are a mastermind behind the fires at Karasabai and we can only get to the bottom of this until good sleuth-like investigation coupled with an in-depth CoI being called.
The reason for my summation is this, try to picture a deadly event, where twenty members of a school family of girls were maliciously burnt in their sleep by one of their peers. While youthful indiscretion is paramount here – because students say and sometimes do dumb and dangerous things – but it causes us to wonder why would she be so hurt to the point of setting a deadly fire.
To accept that this was just a random act means that we would have to accept the theory that all 13-year-old girls in our Indigenous community have diabolical minds. This, in my book, is inconceivable, and that is why I am of the firm belief that she might have used those words in anger, but the act itself was the work of adult intellectual authors who had a motive and took ample chance of the opportunity available.
I further call to remembrance a famous crime story where a young woman was raped and murdered. This took place in one of our Indigenous communities somewhere up the Berbice River.
The prime suspect, an Amerindian man, was held, tried, and convicted, only on the basis that he passed by that way soon after the deadly event. The “B*** Man” (No condescension of our Indigenous peoples, but used for emphasis) lost his life just like that. It was years after the deathbed confession that the real killer was made known to us. I reiterate the point that this fire at Mahdia reeks of other behind the scene actors.
It is strangely coincidental that another fire of the same type carried out at the Karasabai dorms could have been deliberately set. It boggles the mind that these fiery episodes could have taken place in such a short space of time, who lit that fire, or who were the diabolical minds behind those four lads that allegedly lit that fire? These are all pointed questions to which we demand answers. It is said that lightning does not strike twice in the same place, what are your thoughts?

Neil Adams