Most duplicitous, fraudulent person who ever served as President

Dear Editor,
Some weeks ago, I had written a letter to the effect that President Granger was innocent of the fraudulent machinations in the elections debacle. I had exculpated President Granger of the fraud and illegalities being carried out by the small cabal who are desperately trying to hold on to any straw to stay in office, even for a few days more; and I had said that he was their prisoner.
A friend of mine, who is a card-carrying member of the PNC, convincingly informed me of how Mr Granger was deeply involved in the skullduggery, and is the intellectual author of it all. Some of his points at random are:
(1) At the PNC Party elections for Leader, Granger was standing against Carl Greenidge, and won by 7 (seven) votes.  At this election, shots were fired and members were prevented from entering the premises, and it was widely believed that the election was rigged in Granger’s favour, and that Greenidge is the rightful winner.
(2) Two years ago, in an address to party supporters in America, Granger assured them that he would use President Burnham’s (rigging) techniques to win elections. This was reported in the media.
(3) Granger’s illegal appointment of octogenarian Patterson as Chairman of GECOM was barefaced and crude, and it was left to the CCJ to order him to lay off with his fraud.
(4) Granger knew from the night of the elections, when he saw the SOPs, that he had lost. Mingo and Lowenfield’s crude attempts to change numbers were believed to have been done with his orders and connivance.
(5) Granger agreed with the CARICOM heads to have a recount, but then slyly tried to sabotage it by having one of his candidates, Ulita Moore, file an action in the courts against it, thus leading the CARICOM Heads up the garden path. He has issued no apology to them.
(6) Granger has done nothing to rebuke or rein in the PNC Party and its members from their nasty and vulgar attacks on the overseas observers, and most recently on CARICOM Chairman Mia Mottley.
This man is not the decent person I believed him to be, but is indeed the sanctimonious gangster. I am sorely disappointed.
Granger would go down in Guyanese history as being the most duplicitous and fraudulent person who ever served as President. I may be hoping against hope that Granger would, even at this eleventh hour, gracefully concede and shake hands with his successor, regroup the party, and go on to win the next elections.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Validum