Mother, daughter severely beaten during home invasion

A Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara (EBD) businesswoman and her daughter were severely beaten by gunmen who invaded their property on Tuesday.
Based on reports received, Indranie Sugrim called “Molly” was at home at about 14:30h when a man approached her pretending to be a customer who wanted to purchase a bag of coal.

One of the ransacked bedrooms

The man reportedly gave the woman a $5000 bill and as she entered her house to make change, she was attacked.
“As soon as I turn me back, he just grabbed me…if you see how nice he dress…he seh is a robbery! Is a robbery! And then he start to lick me down and he tie me up and then he seh who more in the house” the distraught woman told Guyana Times.
This publication understands that after learning that Sugrim’s daughter was also at home, the perpetrator entered the bedroom where the woman was asleep at the time.
“By that time, I see two other men come out of the bedroom with my daughter, one of them knock she and pull she up and one of them tie she up” the woman stated.
Sugrim explained that the perpetrators then proceeded to ransack the house for valuables. However, after being unable to find any, one of the bandits once again attacked her.
“He cuff me up and he said where is the money? Where is the money? So I seh look, I got the money here and he seh get up and I seh how I could get up and I tie up. He pull me up and dragged me to get the money.”
According to the traumatised woman, she was robbed of a large quantity of cash along with a quantity of jewellery.
“They take me diamond ring, a chain, a band. They just rip off everything, rip off my daughter one too…I don’t want the amount of money to go in the papers…but they took the jewellery and whatever they find and I had to lose the cash.”
However, after collecting the cash and jewellery, the gunmen were not satisfied and began asking for electronics.
“He ask me for the other DVR that he said I have and after I tell her that I don’t have another one, he put a pillow to my daughter head and he tell me okay you ain’t got no more but you gon find it just now.”
The family was, however, saved when one of the gunmen received a telephone call on his mobile.
“The one that was outside in a white car call and tell them that a van drive in the yard, because I does do business with the people so before they leave, one tell another one to kick me. Anyhow, he had to drop some other things to carry the bag with the DVR…they jump in the car and went away.”
Sugrim told this publication that she has been receiving medical treatment since the incident. The woman, however, admitted that she did not report the matter to the police since she is afraid that the men might return.