Motorcyclist injured in 2-vehicle collision

Carelessness on the part of both driver and rider led to a two-vehicle collision on East Coast Demerara (ECD) Railway Embankment Road on Monday morning.

Jason Kowlessar was thrown off his bike
Jason Kowlessar was thrown off his bike

Rider Jason Kowlessar was struck by car HC 5497 and sustained minor injuries about his body.
The car was travelling west when it stopped in the vicinity of Caricom Headquarters in an attempt to turn through a corner on the opposite side of the road.
Another vehicle, travelling in the opposite direction, stopped midway on the road to allow the first vehicle to turn into the corner.
The motorcyclist travelling behind the vehicle that stopped to give way, drove up ahead on the inner left to turn into the same corner when he collided with the car.