Mout’ open… an’ (Police) ‘tory jump out

Well, whaddya know??! Your Eyewitness isn’t surprised at the testimony of Commander Thomas to the CoI – hereinafter the “Mingo CoI!) – into the shameless attempt to rig the elections of 2020! After all, through the wizardry (even better that the Hogwarts brand!) of social media, he saw (almost) everything in living colour – not only in his living room, but wherever he was (even in the loo!) via his smartphone!! Yeah…if Burnham had co-opted the army to rig the elections in 1973, this time it was the turn of the Police!!
The rigging attempt, of course, was on behalf (and behest?) of the Sanctimonious Gangster Granger. He’d been in the thick of things as a rising star in the GDF, being moulded in the image of Burnham – who pampasetted about the place in a 2-star General’s uniform!! True story!! As Granger revealed to a PNC Group in Georgia – all the way back in 2017 – he was gonna do everything the way his hero Forbes had done it!! And lo and behold, he tried the elections’ rigging bit using the Police!!
OK…we learnt from this particular (rebellious) horse’s mouth that Granger hadn’t left anything to chance. Just as he’d selected his old buddy Justice James Patterson to head GECOM – as Burnham had done with CJ Bollers – he had a plan B, if the original fix went awry. Knowing that the Police would be used to offer security to the GECOM counting centres, he’d done a “night of the long knives” on the entire top brass of the Police Force. When he said “jump” to his hand-appointed GPF top-brass, they all meekly enquired, “HOW HIGH, SIR??!!”
So how come the “Doubting Thomas” Commander was appointed to head the Security detail at Ashmins?? Well, that’s the “danger” that’s immanent in ethnic politics. The newly appointed hand-picked top brass of the Force didn’t have time to suss out all the officers below them. They assumed – like Granger’s done when he fired the Two Indian Guyanese Top Guns – that once these lower officers looked like them, they’d fall into (the party) line unprompted!!
Well, it’s now clear that Commander Thomas is one of those rarities in Guyana – a PROFESSIONAL Policeman!! From what he said on the stand, he saw his job at the centre of the election as protecting that which it was all about – the SoPs and ballots and other records that are vital to call any elections!! Not the protection of the PNC and its leaders, even as they subverted the framework that holds this nation together!!
This man deserves a National Award from the state as a “Defender of Democracy” – as much as those fellas who later guarded the ballots!!

Now, your Eyewitness must confess he’s not on Twitter. As you can tell, dear reader, he can’t be constrained by 280 characters on any given subject!! Now, that doesn’t mean he’s not impressed by brevity – please note his trademark last lick in every column, such as below!! But after God carved those ten, terse commandments in stone and handed them to Moses, he thinks the literary form has gone downhill!!
Anyhow, he witnessed the rise of Twitter and its clout when a big names like Trump – who was a Twit, to begin with!! – started to conduct both domestic and foreign policy of the biggest nation on earth over that social platform!! Now, it also attracted the attention of another Twit – Elon Musk of Tesla fame. He’s convinced that he’s the Second Coming – with a new Sermon (from Space, this time) to tell.
He’s just acquired Twitter – a company with annual revenues of US$5 billion (2021) – by taking US$13 billion in debt – with US$1billion interest to be serviced annually!!
Go figure!!

…and riled democrats
NY AG Leticia James gonna rue the day she decided to cuss out the Guyanese Government just because a PNC spokesperson asked her to.
Yesterday, her Republican opponent got a huge welcome in Richmond Hill!!