Mouth open… rigging jump out

Well! Well! Well! Out of the mouth of the self-styled PNC “Elder” came this piece of distilled wisdom to the faithful gathered at the Burnham Foundation: “We should keep rigging to save us from these devils, these bastards, these demons that we have.” The “devils, bastards, and demons”, of course, being the PPP, that the PNC had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to allow into office in Aug 2, 2020, after they blatantly tried to Mingo-rig the March 2nd elections. If international observers – from the OAS, Caricom, Commonwealth, EU, US, UK – and their ambassadors weren’t present, the PNC’s Simon-pure David Granger woulda still been president!!
And, who knows, the big, fat pension that Granger gave Green – via a special Bill passed in his name – mighta been augmented!! Or maybe he woulda gotten the Order of Excellence – our highest award – in addition to the Order of Roraima that Granger pinned on his chest upon assuming office in 2015!!
It’s clear that Granger appreciated the efforts of Green, back in the day, to not only lead the PNC’s rigging combine, but also led the thug elements that intimidated the Opposition!! Green, of course – as he reminded his audience at the Burnham Foundation – was then also the PNC’s General Secretary when Granger was groomed by Burnham to subvert the mission of the GDF to become part of the rigging apparatus!!
But while some claim “confession is good for the soul”, Green has long sold his soul to Beelzebub – when he was an integral figure in the PNC’s X-13 Plan that outlined the program of arson, bombings, shootings, and mass intimidation which forced the PPP’s acceptance of PR, that ousted them in 1964. If anyone knows about the riggings and other anti-democratic manoeuvres that the PNC played to keep themselves in power, it’s Hamilton Green!! In fact, it’s widely asserted that Burnham felt he’d gotten too big for his britches, and that’s why, when Ptolemy Reid stepped aside as PM, Burnham picked the staider Desmond Hoyte as his PM – and heir apparent!!
So, we arrive at our present conjuncture, where Green’s outburst signals that a democratic culture still escapes the PNC – since no one in the gathering objected to this encouragement to rig elections to get into power. And imagine that the PNC’s representative on GECOM wasn’t just PRESENT – he was the organiser of the whole shindig, as Chairman of the Burnham Foundation. Now we know what “keeping Burnham’s legacy alive” REALLY means!!
But Green needn’t tek worries –PNCites leaders are totally copasetic with the rigging programme. Didn’t we see all the “new blood” defend Mingo and LoLo’s doing the dirty with that soiled bedsheet in 2015??!!
La rigging continua!!

…at UNSC?
Your Eyewitness was chuffed when we garnered the requisite two-thirds of the General Assembly to accept our application to become one of the ten non-permanent members of the UN Security Council! Now, while the General Assembly can – and does – pass all sorts of resolutions, those resolutions are enforceable only if nine of the fifteen UNSC members go along. The five permanent members – US, UK, France, China and Russia – of course, have veto powers, but they prefer not to use it if the ordinary members vote their way!!
Well, today, the UNSC will be voting for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza – moved by Algeria. It is widely understood that, if necessary, the US will veto any such resolution – which for sure will be supported by the other permanent members. But if the US can get allies like Ecuador, Japan or Guyana to even abstain, it gets off the hook!!
So, will we pick the principled option and vote for a ceasefire – or the expedient one of having the US owe us one!!

…on US Presidents’ rating
A group of academic specialists on the US Presidency spent months polling their membership as to how they rate the forty-five individuals who occupied the 46 US Presidencies.
Lincoln was rated best, and Trump the worst!!