Much needed and welcomed production

Dear Editor,
My company ‘GEMS Theatre Productions’ just concluded the staging of TWELFTH NIGHT’ for six performances at the National Cultural Centre, which was sponsored by the Ministry of Education.
I write, particularly, to congratulate the Ministry of Education for having brought both teachers and students from Forms Three to Five from every single corner of our country, from Orealla in the Corentyne River, North West Secondary and Santa Rosa Secondary in Region 1, St Ignatius, Sand Creek and Aishalton from Rupununi, for example. They came to witness Shakespeare, which they have read, come to life on stage.
Shakespeare’s TWELFTH NIGHT is on the CSEC Syllabus.
It was a much needed and welcome production, superbly acted and directed by Ron Robinson and assistant director, Derek Gomes.
I have seen and strongly disagree with an opinion in the media that Shakespeare should not be taught in our schools because it is a colonial hangover. What nonsense?
It is our duty and responsibility to educate our children, not merely to be citizens of Guyana but citizens of the world and who in the world would dare to deny the importance of Shakespeare.
I anticipate and look forward to the Ministry of Education continuing with this magnificent commitment to the education of our children.

Yours sincerely