Nachgana Dance Academy to stage “The Royal Rebels”

The National Cultural Centre is set to come alive on Saturday, September 16 as the Nachgana Academy of Dance stages its second grand production, “The Royal Rebels” – an evening rich with dance and drama.
The event will feature a series of cultural performances, during which the dance troupe will utilise the art forms of music, dance and drama, to highlight the deep-rooted history and wealth of traditions present in the Guyanese society.
The colourful showcases will project a fusion of different styles, linking Indian traditional dances with that of other genres from across the world. Adding to that, each presentation will address pressing social issues plaguing the country, of which suicide and teenage pregnancy will take the forefront.
The event promises to be a night of entertainment from which viewers can walk away being educated, after experiencing a taste of royalty.
Established in 2013, the Nachgana Academy is a renowned local dance group comprising 25 well-versed dancers of dynamic personalities and styles. Led by Miss Guyana Sari Queen 2008 Devi Ramcharitar Lim, the troupe’s main focus is preserving the Indian art of dancing in Guyana while engaging young minds in positive contributions to their society as well.
As such, not only are the members involved in the performing arts, but the academy strongly believes in giving back to the community through charitable work such as blood drives, providing meals for the homeless and less fortunate, assisting the elderly and disabled, particularly at Christmas time.
Nachgana has also made its mark in the entertainment industry in Guyana, performing at a number of prestigious events throughout the length and breadth of country.
In its first year, the Academy managed to pull off a whopping 50 performances and even delivered its own production “Dancing Enchanters”. Having accomplished that, the dance troupe in celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, brings to the public its second production.
Proceeds from this event will be directed towards the Academy’s signature social ventures.
The Nachgana Academy of Dance invites you to join in its celebration, with entry to the event carrying a cost of $1000 while stage front seats will cost $2000. Tickets are available at Alex Puri Shop, Grove Public Road; Candra Fashion, Harbour Bridge Mall; Indian Styles, Giftland Mall; Amanda Bridal, Vreed-en-Hoop and the National Cultural Centre.
The show is expected to kick off at 19:00h, with the curtains set to be drawn at 22:00h.