National curfew lifted

…swimming pools can open at 50% capacity

The Guyana Government on Friday announced that with immediate effect, the National COVID-19 curfew has been removed.
The announcement was made by the National COVID-19 Secretariat in an advisory, adding that swimming pools are now permitted to operate at 50 per cent capacity. However, swimmers must be fully vaccinated.
“Notwithstanding these relaxations of the measures, the COVID-19 Task Force urges all Guyanese to demonstrate responsible behaviour,” the advisory added.
A national curfew was instituted countrywide following the first COVID-19 case detected in Guyana in March 2020. While the timings have varied since then, the latest renewed measures stipulate a curfew from 00:00h to 04:00h.
This decision comes one day after President Dr Irfaan Ali asked the Task Force to consider removing the current midnight to 4am curfew that was imposed under the Emergency Measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus in Guyana.
The Head of State had reasoned that dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic is an evolution.
“We saw that there are many studies saying lockdown just help by 0.0001 per cent. What is needed in this stage in dealing with the pandemic are the protocols – ensuring all the agencies have the sanitisation device, ensuring that we continue to educate people on the vaccination programme, ensuring that the guidelines and protocols are observed. But for sure, we can’t continue with a prolonged curfew; and it is my hope and intention that the curfew can be removed once the necessary steps are followed by as early as tomorrow [Friday],” President Ali was quoted as saying announced.
The current COVID-19 measures, which are still in effect, stipulate the wearing of masks, social distancing and sanitisation.
There are restrictions on social activities, where no one shall host or attend a private party, banquet, ball, reception, hotel swimming pool or waterpark, wage, vigil, club, discotheque, social club, civil organisation or association, fraternal society; or any other social activity. Sporting events require approval from the Ministry of Health.
Casinos, betting shops, or cinemas can still operate but only at forty per cent capacity of the building or seating area. Patrons will only be allowed entry upon possession of a vaccination card to show their immunisation status.
Indoor and outdoor dining is also permitted at 60 per cent capacity, tables spaced six feet apart, and patrons above the age of 12 in possession of their vaccination card with accompanying identification document.
On Thursday, Prime Minister Mark Phillips was asked whether any of the other existing COVID measures will be relaxed, to which he responded that when a decision is made, the public will be notified. (G12)