NDC moving to have operators prosecuted – Chairman

Excavation of Boeraserie Dam

…operation ceased

A few weeks after persons were excavating the Boeraserie Dam, West Coast Demerara, without permission, the presiding Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) has stated that it is pressing to have these persons prosecuted.

One of the machines used to excavate the area

Chairman of the Tuschen-Uitvlugt NDC, Vishal Ambedkar told Guyana Times on Monday that after much persistence and engagement with officers of the Leonora Police Station, the persons have ceased the illegal excavation.
A meeting was also scheduled between the Regional Executive Officer of Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara), where the matter was highlighted. The REO claimed that she would have engaged the persons, putting a stop to the issue.
For now, the Chairman stated that he is certain that the police will be able to take actions against those who were responsible.
“We had a meeting with the Regional Executive Officer and she said that she had met with the individual and she asked them to stop. At our level, we informed the REO that we were still of the opinion [that they] acted without the consent of the NDC as such, we made a report to the police and we’re hoping that the officers do their job and take the relevant actions. The police are doing their work and we were told that the police are aware of the circumstances,” said the Chairman.
This publication had reported that some men started excavating the dirt from the dam and were retailing it to interested persons, while some were also dumped at a nearby open space.
This situation, if continued, could gravely affect persons during the high tide, given the fact that there is no structure to stop water from entering during high tides. The dam has been lowered significantly and any high tide in the future will result in mass flooding along several communities.
“There is a dam before the trench, and someone is excavating the dirt from it and they’re excavating so low. This trench goes straight out into the river and there is nothing to stop the water so when the high tide comes, it will flood the entire De Kindren and Zeelugt,” said one of the councillors from the NDC.
“The residents and fishermen is calling for something to be done before they’re affected. Some of the dirt is sold to people and they’re using some to build other areas. Some persons went out and stop them from digging the dam further and explained what will happen if they excavate the dam so low and they still continued. The Tuschen-Uitvlugt NDC is also aware of this,” she explained.
Ambedkar previously stated that efforts were made to stop the said persons on multiple occasions but the machinery would be turned off when officials arrive at the location. Adding to that, the work is being carried out primarily on the weekend since the Council functions only on weekdays. This is seen as a method to evade the Council from addressing the situation.
At that time, the police were alerted of the matter and efforts were made to contact the Regional Executive Officer, who was unavailable.