NDIA, CDC assess flooding, erosion in Region 10

In light of massive flooding and erosion across Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice), a high-level team of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) and the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) recently visited Linden and other communities including Coomacka to conduct an assessment on the ground.
Members of the team included NDIA Chief Executive Officer Frederick Flatts, Director General of the CDC Lieutenant Colonel Kester Craig and several engineers.

Officials inspecting the deteriorating Coomacka Bridge

The team conducted the assessments along with Regional Chairman Deron Adams, Chairman of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) Works Committee Eleze Benjamin-Hall and Councillor Hugh Stephens.
During the visit, the team updated the Regional Chairman and his team on efforts being made to address seasonal flooding which is currently being experienced in Coomacka and other areas including Linden.
The Regional Chairman also took the NDIA team to several areas at Wismar and Mackenzie, which he noted require emergency attention to correct massive erosion.
Prior to this, Adams also did similar assessments with personnel from the Public Works Ministry.

The eroded Coomacka beach 

Checks were also conducted on the Coomacka Bridge where Flatts advised that it be put into the RDC budget to be rehabilitated since it was noted that the bridge has severely deteriorated.
The team also visited the Coomacka beach which, over the years, has suffered from massive erosion. A section of the Burnham Drive road at Mackenzie, Linden, which was affected by massive erosion, was also amongst the areas assessed.
Hundreds of residents across the Region 10 community have been affected by recent flash floods as intense rainfalls continue. According to Craig, assessment teams were deployed to affected communities to accurately capture the impact of the weather on public and private infrastructure in the community prior to the visits.
In Linden, the hardest-hit households were on the Wismar shore at First, Second and Third Alleys. Overall, over 360 residents were affected by the floods according to the Regional Chairman.