New GECOM Chair must rule by the law

Dear Editor,
When the new GECOM Chairperson took office, she promised to conduct business by the rule of law, this we expected her to respect and uphold, that is, the Constitution of this country. Then my next statement is, rule by the dictates of the law and do not pander to the dictatorial politics of the PNC. Ever since that lofty statement was made, only one aspect of it has been adhered to and that is the stopping of the House-to-House Registration; however, the crucial aspect of getting into full election mode, which is a process that can only be effected by a Claims and Objections period, is left in limbo as GECOM stated that it intends to “merge” the H2H data into the NRR.
This is totally madness, because, in the first place, the H2H was an incomplete process and from all who witnessed the process, it was highly flawed with the usual PNC rigging flair attached to it. The sole aim of that H2H was to slow down, I dare say confuse, the process of us ever having a credible list for election, hence, we witnessed an illegal list being formulated. It is an unverified list which saw the enumerators picking and choosing which areas to visit and who to register – it was a one-sided affair crafted and produced by an illegal chairman who wanted to delay the holding of elections. It was also meant to prolong the life of an illegal government, so, in all fairness, that list cannot be merged into the national grid of registrants.
Isn’t the chairperson, who is a retired judge, not knowledgeable of these things? Or is she just turning a blind eye to these facts? A judge should know that you cannot make an unverified, suspect list legal, this is insane, it just cannot happen? Then it behooves us to believe that “The Iron Lady” has lost her steel plating and is pandering to please the president who “planted” her there? Is it a continuation of the same old nonsense in not honouring timelines and constitutional deadlines? Come on Madam Chairperson, be your own self and respect the law.
The corrupt PNC GECOM appointees are on the road touting that The Chief Justice has ruled that H2H is not illegal, but is that the full text of her ruling? The Chief Justice ruled that while H2H in itself is not an illegal process, however, we are not in normal times and another route ought to be explored. That process is going straight into the Claims and Objections period which would produce a credible list or NRR in time for election earliest.
So, this gerrymandering around the issue of a credible list is a political ploy crafted by the PNC to confuse and in the end delay elections all to the benefit of the PNC extending their illegal stay in office while they plunder the treasury dry. Madam Chairperson, I call on you to do the decent thing and honour the Constitution.

Neil Adams