New WPA/PNC coalition of sorts lacks a quorum

Dear Editor,
I am following this motley group of the coalition, that is, this hastily assembled cabal of the WPA/PNC. They are now on the local and overseas stage peddling their asinine antics to an audience that we are yet to visibly see. When I say an audience, we are yet to ‘visibly’ see I am referring to a group of persons of a sizeable number, persons who are coming out in great numbers eager to hear these “Black Liberators” spin their yarn.
But this is not to be as we follow the cabal from place to place, we are only greeted with a cameraman focusing on the presenters or talkers and not the listeners. Is anybody there? Are there listeners, or an audience of substance, show us the people? We want to see large numbers in attendance? We are not so much concerned about Hinds and his “partners in crime” exciting themselves in pure idiocy and puerile nonsense, we want to see a large grouping of persons listening intently to WPA/PNC liberation struggle speeches. Oh, I was just being sarcastic, because truly, the moral majority of us do not want to hear any of that foolishness that comes out of their mouths.
The moral majority of Black minds are now emancipated and would not countenance a few racist misfits just exciting themselves in their own swill. So, the WPA/PNC coalition is going about carefully choosing their locations and the angle of the camera shoot of these outreaches. Their audiences are few and far between as they vainly try to sell their diatribe.
Theirs is also a passive aggressive stance, that is, play the victim card hoping to gain sympathy such as make statements “Afro-Guyanese are being marginalised” in the country of their birth. And they go on to say, “this makes us angry causing us to turn our guns in the right direction,” meaning the Indians, a sure call to violence. However, this passive aggressive approach is not gaining traction amongst the vast majority of us, for the sole reason that Blacks have become emancipated in their minds and would denounce them at every turn. That foolishness which is an assault to our collective Black intelligence must be put away with the swiftness as it comes.
Finally, our “One Guyana” policy has eluded them, as Hinds and company ostracise themselves from the mainstream civilised thought process. We will not, I repeat, we will not entertain them, we will part company with them.

Neil Adams