Opposition taking racial and divisive politics too far

Dear Editor,
The PNC/WPA assemblage of the Coalition of sorts are at their lowest ebb, and being in that diminished capacity, they are lashing out in notoriously dangerous forms. That motley group is now making violent and divisive remarks at public fora, trying desperately to foment strife and discord in our society.
It is a well-known fact that this has always been a strategy used by the PNC, but in recent times it has become a more pronounced form of approach.
Now, herein lies the problem: Why this sudden appeal to violence and racial slurs hurled at Indians? Well, it does not take a Rocket Scientist to figure that out. Norton, for his own part, is on the ropes if not on the canvass, and, as such, he will do anything to shore up his image. In that desperation mode, he is calling on the lowest of the low in the WPA to appeal to the thugs that are still around to “turn their guns in the right direction.”
When others chided him for his stupidity, such as Geeta Chandan, this other idiot David Hinds took up the mantle and attacked her with the racial assertion that she is a “slave catcher.” This statement was meant to humiliate her. It was a strong message that she, being an Indian, needs to stay out of “African” Liberation struggle in Guyana.
In the first place, there is no “African Liberation” struggle in Guyana. If there is, it is a PNC survival struggle, a struggle for relevance in a Guyanese society which has long since ostracised them. Secondly, I ask Hinds not to forget that it was his own kind who caught black men and women and made them slaves, then marched them through the African bush to the slave ports, where they were handed over to the white slave owners. The Indian had no part in that humiliating saga, it was purely the work of idiots like Hinds who did this just for a piece of trinket.
But far more interesting is the motive behind the WPA’s servile remarks. They are doing Norton’s dirty work in elbowing out Indians and moderate blacks out of the party. The PNC leadership was never comfortable with Indians in the inner sanctum of the party, and if you take a good look at the way that race was treated since the Charrandas incident, you will get my drift.
From information gathered, the general sentiment in the party is that the Indians had overstayed their welcome. Their sole purpose was to garner the Indian votes, while the PNC is left to dominate the scene thereafter. They lost the 2020 Election, so there was no need for the Indians in their midst anymore.
But what I want to tell them is that getting rid of the Indian members would not help their situation either, the PNC is destined to fail, Indian or no Indian.
The fact of the matter is: What are you doing there? We told you so, don’t you people realize that the PNC Party is a bunch of hooligan thugs where Indians and moderate educated blacks are not welcomed? When would you people ever learn? But this is the sad state of affairs of a group of individuals who have become trapped in this racial imbroglio. It is an abysmal situation that no one would like to find oneself.
So, as I close, I must tell my readers that in a modern and enlightened society such as ours, the PNC and its pathetic claptraps are finding themselves alienated from the mainstream concept of One Guyana. In this regard, they will see how hopeless their standing will be in the upcoming Local Government Elections and on the wider general elections stage.

Neil Adams