Nexgen Global acquires land for first golf facility on West Coast Demerara

In keeping with its aggressive agenda to develop the game of golf in Guyana, President of The Guyana Golf Association and Nexgen Golf Academy, Aleem Hussain, confirmed that the acquisition of land to establish the first of 5 uniquely designed golf courses was completed this week.
The facility is set to be located close to the Vreed-en-Hoop area, just off the main road for easy access to public transportation, parking, and future growth.
Partnering with Mr. and Ms. Ronald Sami, the GGA was able to sign a long-term deal that would see the facility begin construction immediately, with hope for completion in a few months.

NexGen and GGA President, Aleem Hussain

“What is the value of bringing the immeasurable joy of being able to play golf to thousands of children in a way that will shape their perception of life, opportunity and values forever?” asked Hussain, as he outlined that based on the innovative model they created, it will cost less than G$2,000/month for the kids to learn and continue enjoying the sport!
How is this possible? Well, according to Hussain, The Guyana Golf Association have, in less than 12 months and during one of the toughest periods, accomplished the greatest growth of the sport in the country’s history!
They have facilitated opening of a Golf Academy & Driving Range in Georgetown that allowed them to attract and teach 556 new players in 6 months, and more excitingly, introduced the sport to the school system so that over 100,000 children aged 6 to 18 years would have access to participate in golfing.
With strong partnerships established with major companies and organisations in order to promote the game, and supported by a donor system to provide equipment for learners, the need for golf facilities is in high demand. The GGA plan to build and equip five (5) unique golf facilities around the country, so they can provide training and equipment for as many as 6,000 new players.

GGA has partnered with Ronald Sami and his wife

To enhance interest in the sport, the GGA plan to create weekly tournaments and activities for these new players, all with the intention of building a national team that would represent Guyana internationally. And hopefully, there would eventually be an Olympic team fielded by Guyana.
This newspaper has been privy to discussions between the GGA and a major international golfing entity with which talks are underway to potentially host a major golf event in Guyana. Hussain has said he could not confirm at this time, but he did not rule out the possibility of it happening.
The GGA is capitalising on the fact that golf is one of the few COVID-compliant sports in the world to grow the game and bring worldwide attention to the country by accelerating the interest and number of golf courses to increase sports tourism. This will benefit hotels, restaurants, taxis, airlines, eco-tourism, car rentals and souvenir sales nationwide.

Portion of the Land

The first exciting event for the Nexgen Golf Academy 2021 season is scheduled in two weeks, and it is expected that major prizes will be up for grabs.
For more information on the sport, or to learn the game, visit the Academy and Driving Range, located on Woolford Avenue, or call 645-0944.