No clue about criminal minds

Dear Editor,

With regards to the recent prison fire catastrophe – most people are stifling their consciences because of political slants, or sheer stupidity. These keyboard generals are not putting Guyana first. They do not have a clue about the criminal mind. While the prison officials plan ways to keep the prisoners in when they are at work, these inmates work at it 24 hours a day, all year round. It is my opinion that it is the flawed judicial system that has caused this. Justice delayed is justice denied. When this phenomena manifests its ugly head, frustration and desperation sets in. These criminals have no option than to do what they did. On the other hand, these are convicts and MUST be treated as such. I have absolutely no compassion for their demise.

What started in the prison on Sunday, July 9, 2017, was no secret to the other prisoners. So by complicity, they are all guilty due to collusion. I am sure some of them could have alerted the authorities to the impending catastrophe. Then there are the greedy lawyers, who just show up and get postponements for more fees. The Police on the other hand are never ready to proceed, while the Magistrates and Judges allow this to continue. So in reality the causes are not isolated, but are coupled to each other. Fix the system and stop imprisoning persons for minor bailable offences.

Prison is a place that contaminates, not a place to rehabilitate humans. Get the system right, and it will ease the overcrowding and bitterness. Get the Police sleuths to be efficient or dismiss them. No more than three adjournments must be allowed. Why charge someone and you are not ready to proceed? It is a very complex situation. Solutions are there if the authorities have the testicular fortitude to do and get it right. After a trial and a person is judged guilty by 12 of their peers and a judge has announced the death sentences, let the sentence be carried out quickly! You get caught with an unlicensed firearm, let the bidding start at 20 years hard labour. Small amounts of marijuana should be a fine, not mandatory jail time.


Concerned Guyanese