No exception…

…on democratic rules
The world looked on in numb disbelief on Wednesday as violent mobs stormed Capitol Hill – the home of the US Congress. They believed Trump’s insistent tweets that the Nov 3 election had been rigged by his Democratic opponents supporting Biden. At the time, the Electoral College – that peculiarly American institution designed to prevent “mob rule” – was meeting to confirm the results. The count had to be abandoned as one invader was shot dead and 3 others died from medical emergencies.
Even the politicians from the Republican Party, who’d been involved in the increasingly polarised politics in the last 4 years, couldn’t believe it would come to this. One Congresswoman from Virginia, Rep. Abigail Spanberger, said, “The scene that we saw on Capitol Hill – the banging, the yelling, the screaming, the demands to enter the chamber of the United States Congress — those are the sorts of things that happen in Third World nations.” Former Republican President George Bush said the assault on the U.S. Capitol was “sickening and heartbreaking” and “how elections are disputed in banana republics — not our democratic republic.” It was dubbed an “insurrection” – a violent uprising against a government.
They could as well, of course, be comparing the shameful mob violence to what transpired under the PNC shenanigans in Guyana after the March 2 elections. After their blatant rigging attempt by Mingo was headed off at the pass, they insisted that “thousands and thousands of migrated and dead voters had voted for the PPP.” Even after GECOM had declared that the PPP won, the PNC still haven’t conceded that they lost. They’ve filed two election petitions in the Courts, and those are coming up for hearing in a few weeks’ time.
But, as we know to our detriment, the PNC are noted for bringing out their supporters in front of the courts when the courts are ready to hand down decisions. Back in 1998, challenging an order against the potentially riotous assembly, PNC leader Hoyte had declared, “There is no way on earth Government can prevent us from protesting this massively fraudulent election!” The Jan 12th riots duly exploded in front of the High Courts by Hoyte’s assembled PNC supporters after GECOM Chair Doodnauth Singh had declared the PPP winner of the elections. Chief Justice Desiree Bernard had ruled that local courts are precluded from questioning the appointment of a president once the declaration is officially made.
Your Eyewitness is hoping that this time, the PNC under Granger would follow the lead of Trump, who finally conceded defeat. “Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th.”
But he isn’t holding his breath!

…on accomplishments
Having been pulled up by former President and PM Sam Hinds over his boorish riposte to a critique of his (and other African-Guyanese) excusing of PNC’s rigging, Lincoln Lewis demanded Mr Hinds say what he’d done for African-Guyanese!! Lewis is implying, of course, that Hinds had done nothing for them since he held office with the PPP from 1992 to 2015. This, of course, fits the rhetoric of the APNU and their camp followers like Lewis: that the PPP only helped Indian-Guyanese.
The question that Lincoln Lewis should’ve asked is: What had the PNC done for African-Guyanese in their 33 years in power? When they took over Guyana in 1964, it was on par with all the top countries in the West Indies. When they were thrown out after 28 years of rigging, all Guyana – but especially African-Guyanese – were hovering precariously just above Haiti!!  But under the PPP with Hinds, within one decade, more African-Guyanese had escaped poverty than Indian-Guyanese!
That’s what the HIES of 1992 and 1999 showed!

…on prosecution
While it appears there are some who’d sweep the savage beatings and robberies meted out to presumed supporters of the PPP in West Berbice under the rug, justice must be served!