Odessa Natasha Nichola De Barros vying for the title of Miss Renaissance

The Miss Renaissance Pageant will be held on August 19 at the National Cultural Centre, with 12 professional women competing for the coveted title. The delegates were introduced to the media in June at a sashing ceremony.
The pageant serves as a catalyst to re-educate the public about their inner beauty, creativity, cultural awareness and an accomplishment of the matured Guyanese women 30 years and older. For the next few weeks, Guyana Times entertainment will feature each delegate.
This week, we are pleased to introduce to you 40-year-old Odessa Natasha Nichola De Barros who received her administrative professional training and completed her computer training in Georgetown, Guyana.
She is educated at the nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary level and is an employee of the Education Ministry as an Administrative Professional for the past 22 years. The proud mother of two is currently attached to the St Roses High School.
Her mentoring skills were enhanced when she joined the membership at the Diamond/Grove Lions Club which is affiliated to Lions Club International. De Barros enjoys the culinary arts and event planning.
“My reason for being a part of this pageant is two-fold; to fulfil a long dream of participating in a pageant and to encourage and motivate other mature women to enter such a pageant,” the confident woman stated.