On a slow news day…

…the Mueller Report was released
It was as if the mountain had laboured and produced a mouse. After two years of bated breath and high drama, the Mueller Report was released – all 448 pages in two volumes. For those of you, dear readers, who might’ve been distracted with filming the black hole millions of light years away, here is a short synopsis of the reason for the Inquiry.
The FBI, under its Director James Comey, had since 2016 been investigating alleged links between associates of Trump and Russian officials who had, among other things, hacked the e-mail of Trump’s opponent in the Presidential elections, Hillary Clinton.
Democratic Congressmen promptly demanded the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate Trump for obstruction of Justice. Trump had leaned on his Attorney-General to derail the investigation, and fired him after he refused to do so.  Both sets of investigation were taken up by Justice Department’s Special Counsel. This department – analogous to our Ministry of Legal Affairs – appointed a special counsel (formerly called special prosecutor or independent counsel), who’s an independent “lawyer appointed to investigate, and potentially prosecute, a particular case of suspected wrongdoing for which a conflict of interest (situation) exists for the usual prosecuting authority”.
Robert Mueller, who was himself a former head of the FBI, was sworn in by the Dep AG.
The details of the investigation shouldn’t detain us too much, but it demonstrates the importance of institutions of government being shielded from the Executive, in which there is the existential compulsion to act outside its remit to further partisan, or even — as is evident in this instance — personal interests. At every step of the investigation, Trump and his associates lied, cheated, and ran elaborate misdirections to stymie the investigation.
Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was found guilty on eight felony counts; his personal lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to making hush payments in violation of campaign laws; his foreign affairs advisor and long-time advisor were also indicted. Trump only escaped charges for two reasons: “firstly, to abide by an authoritative opinion that a sitting president cannot stand trial. Secondly, sealed charges could leak, and Mueller felt a charge would impair the president’s governing ability and potentially pre-empt constitutional processes for addressing presidential misconduct.”
With a footnote reference to impeachment!! A word to Beneba mek Quashie tek notice!

…a biblical tale
4:4 And it came to pass that the PNC/AFC were very overwrought after the NCM and the betrayal by the Berbician Charrandas who had worshipped at their feet.
4:5 And the PNC/AFC, taking the forlorn Berbicians up into the beaches of No 63, shewed unto them all the kingdoms of the world that would be delivered unto them.
4:6 And the PNC/AFC said unto them, All this wealth and the good life will we give thee, and the glory of them: for that was delivered unto us in 2015 with our 50% raise and outriders; and to whomsoever vote for us will we give it.
4:7 If thou therefore wilt not support the accursed PPP but rather offer us thy fealty, all shall be thine.
4:8 But Jagdeo of the PPP had foreseen this wooing by the PNC/AFC and had verily taught the Berbicians to say  unto them, “Get thee behind us, PNC/AFC: for it is written, We shalt support only the party that hast stood by us in bad times and good, and the PPP only shalt we support.”
4:9 And so it was the PNC/AFC were thusly chased out, and in anger they sent their centurions to seize the PPPite Jagdeo.

…Mass Games returning?
Minister of Social Cohesion, George Norton, has said 5000 students will be hauled from across the country to participate in the Flag- raising Ceremony this May 26, Independence Day.
In fulfilling Burnham’s legacy, as he promised, is Granger thinking of bringing back the North Korean-inspired Mass Games??